One Machine, Many Jobs: Meet the New Outcross 9060

Toro has a new answer to the perennial question of how to do more with less: The Outcross 9060. Capable of doing the work of multiple machines in one compact package, the Outcross stands apart in a class of its own.

Part tractor and part super-duty utility vehicle, the Outcross is the first machine of its kind to be built specifically for the management of fine turf. The result is a solution that allows superintendents to complete key tasks in less time, with less stress, less labor and fewer resources.

Gentle on Turf
A uniquely controlled four-wheel steering/four-wheel drive system makes the Outcross extremely turf-friendly. Each wheel turns and spins independently at a rate determined by the machine’s ground speed and turning angle for superior traction while minimizing damage to turf. In addition, the Outcross’s balanced design eliminates the need for front counterweights, making it significantly more delicate on fine turf than an agricultural tractor.


Year-Round Productivity
The Outcross is equipped with a standard three-point hitch* and a universal loader mounting plate, making it compatible with a variety of standard turf maintenance attachments. Loader buckets, forks, pull-behind rotary mowers, fertilizer spreaders and aerators are a few of the dozens of possible attachments that can be used with the Outcross to perform countless tasks.

With a change of attachments, you can spread fertilizer, load sand, haul a pallet of sod, aerate, topdress, remove snow and ice, blow leaves, prune roots, spread seed, tow a trailer, sweep a path, chip wood, and much, much more. The possibilities are nearly endless to make the most of your investment all year long.

Simple, Intuitive Operation
The machine can be pre-programmed with parameters for up to 16 different attachments to ensure consistent performance and reduce the possibility of operator error. Plus, with the Outcross, you don’t need an operator who is proficient with the complicated controls and shifting commonly associated with an agricultural tractor. Operation is simple and efficient, thanks to a hydrostatic drive system and one-action, automotive-style controls. Cruise control, shuttle shifting and a utility bed also add to the ease of use.

Hauling and Towing
The Outcross is also efficient at transporting tools, materials and people. It features a passenger seat as well as an optional cargo bed with a 4,500 lb (2041 kg), 1.3 cubic yard (1 cubic meter) capacity. It’s also capable of towing up to 16,000 lb (7,257 kg)**, backed by a powerful 59.8 hp (44 kW) Yanmar® liquid-cooled diesel engine.

With so many possibilities, the Outcross is a highly versatile solution that could potentially fill the role of several different machines in your fleet. Contact your local Toro distributor for details about this groundbreaking new product. You can also watch the video or visit the Toro website for a preview.


* Category 2 three-point, 540 PTO and universal skid steer mount style
** Trailer weight, when equipped with trailer brakes