Mowing season is over in many areas. But that doesn’t mean your equipment has to sit idle. In fact, Toro offers a range of snow attachments for several Groundsmaster® series mowers and Workman® UTX & HDX utility vehicles to keep them working year round. It’s a great way to stretch your equipment investment by getting more use out of a single machine. Here’s a quick look at some of the options available.

Winter Accessories

Workman UTX and HDX Utility Vehicles

Toro’s Workman UTX and HDX utility vehicles are extremely versatile in warmer weather. And with winter accessories, they become even more versatile year round. Choose from a variety of snow attachments and snow tires to convert your Workman for winter duty to treat and/or remove ice and snow:

Winter Accessories

• Boss® plow (UTX)

• Front blade (UTX)

• Bed spreader (UTX)

• LED headlights (UTX)

• Deluxe hard cab and optional door kit (HDX)

• Side mirror and rearview mirror kits for cab (HDX)

• ATV/snow tires (HDX)

• Light kits (beacon, work light, turn signal) (HDX)

• 4-wheel drive (HDX)

• Heater kit (HDX)

Winter Accessories

Groundsmaster 7200/7210 Rotary Mowers

While other mowers hibernate during the winter months, Toro’s Polar Trac™ System transforms the Groundsmaster 7200/7210 into a powerful snow removal machine. This system includes a heated hard cab, rugged rubber track system and the Quick Attach System™ (QAS) for easily hooking up snow attachments. Plus, with the Groundsmaster’s zero turn radius capabilities, operators can remove snow from the tightest areas. Available attachments include:

Winter Accessories

• Angled snow blade

• Rotary broom

• Snowthrower

• Fixed V-plow

• Powered V-plow

Winter Accessories

Get more out of your mowing equipment all year long with winter accessories from Toro. For more information on these options, visit or see your local Toro distributor.