Whether you’re hauling materials or shuttling guests, Toro’s line of vehicles has a solution to suit your needs. Get a closer look at two options — the Workman® MDX Lithium and lithium battery-powered Vista® shuttle — for answers to frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of HyperCell® batteries that both machines use?

Toro’s proprietary HyperCell battery system was developed to extend battery power for consistent performance over the life of the vehicle. With an integrated Battery Management System, HyperCell batteries communicate with each other to place a priority of efficiency and extended life. Put simply, it’s made to work as hard as your crews.

Do I need to remove the batteries to charge them?

The machines include onboard chargers, so at the end of a long day, all you need to do is plug in to the nearest 120V wall outlet for a full charge on the next use.

What are the speed control settings?
Sixteen miles per hour is the standard factory setting for the Workman MDX Lithium and battery-powered Vista models. Supervisors also have the option to place the vehicle in eco or performance mode at the flip of a key switch.

What’s included on the display?
The Workman MDX Lithium’s display includes: hour meter, battery level indicator, speedometer, gear indicator, estimated charge time, and diagnostic fault codes.

Similarly, the Vista’s display includes: hour meter, battery level indicator, estimated charge time, gear indicator, speedometer, and diagnostic fault codes.

Do I need to do anything before the first use?

On both machines, it’s important that you burnish the brakes, check the brake fluid, check the front and rear suspension and charge the batteries to 100 percent.

For more information on the Vista, MDX Lithium and other Toro products, go to toro.com