The Workman® UTX is a 4-wheel-drive utility vehicle made to take on the rigors of a long work week, not just a few hours on the weekend.

Get the most out of the Workman UTX by utilizing these features. 

Workman UTX LED Headlights

Hit the road

The UTX is road ready with standard LED headlights, turn signals, hazards and brake lights. Choose between 2 or 4-passenger models with optional climate-controlled cabs to keep crews comfortable.

Take on tight turns and spaces

Ensure crews, tools and materials can reach areas that trucks or larger vehicles can’t go. The UTX power steering comes standard along with a tight turn radius for improved control when it matters most.

Haul Heavier Loads With the Workman UTX

Handle heavier hauls

The UTX boasts 25 percent more cargo capacity than competitors and features a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs. so you can pull a trailer loaded with anything from a riding mower to a load of gravel. Add bed-mounted steel racking to save space by securing everyday items like rakes and shovels, and mount trash cans on the back to collect garbage, recycling or debris.

Tackle any terrain

Along with selectable 4-wheel-drive, the UTX comes standard with turf-friendly open differentials that can be locked in the rear or front with the push of a button. Use the locking differentials when you need extra traction on difficult terrain, such as muddy ruts, rutted hills, gravel or snow. Add the optional 27″ tires for additional ground clearance.

Take control

Add a supervisor key to lock and unlock custom settings that allow for unmatched control over speed, sound and fuel consumption.

Clear the way

Count on the UTX’s year-round versatility to take care of snow and ice that can affect the safety and productivity of workers. The UTX has an integrated plow mount and enough payload capacity to add a salt spreader on the back. Choose between a V-blade or straight-blade plow based on the conditions.

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