Ensure Smooth Putting Surfaces With The GreensPro® 1260

Golfers love greens that play as great as they look, so count on the Toro GreensPro® 1260 greens roller for exceptionally smooth and fast greens. With advanced features like the split overlapping, contour-following smoothing rollers and the hydraulically driven drive roller, the GreensPro 1260 outperforms other systems in every way.

Smooth Operator

The unmatched consistency of the GreensPro 1260 begins with the overlapping rollers designed to stay true to the contour of the green. The overlap ensures that there are no unrolled areas on every pass, and because the rollers are split, stress on the green is minimized during turns. Ball joint construction ensures ideal smoothing head articulation, and the hydraulically driven drive roller increases both reliability and productivity. The result is precision greens rolling for the ultimate uniform appearance and playability.

Smooth For The Operator, Too

Toro’s commitment to operator safety and comfort is apparent throughout the GreensPro 1260’s design. The bidirectional seat adjustment and the 40-degree tilt steering make it easy for any operator to enjoy the most ergonomic position. The engine is isolated from the frame to minimize vibration, and armrests are standard for added comfort. Standard LED lights improve visibility for early morning starts.

Transporting the GreensPro 1260 is effortless, too. The light tongue reduces stress on the operator’s back, and the QuickLatch Coupler lets the operator attach the roller to the vehicle with just one hand.

Simplified Maintenance

Because the GreensPro 1260 utilizes a hydraulically driven drive roller instead of a chain drive system, maintenance is greatly reduced. There’s no chain requiring lubrication — which also protects delicate greens from unsightly grease spots. To simplify maintenance even more, the entire machine has just one grease zerk, and a window on the smoothing head provides easy access for cleaning debris from the rollers.

Ready To Go

The GreensPro 1260 is available now from your local distributor. You can also learn more about it by watching the video on Toro’s website.