Players want a smooth, consistent playing surface and fast greens. Toro’s GreensPro® 1240 riding greens roller lets you create both quickly and easily. Watch this video to see it in action and read on for five ways this machine can make your job easier.


  1. No ribbons of unrolled turf. The GreensPro 1240’s overlapping smoothing heads provide 100 percent roll coverage across the width of machine, so it won’t leave a ribbon of unrolled turf. That means operators can cover more turf in less time, since there’s no need to make shorter passes.
  2. Smoothing heads that follow contours. The smoothing heads on the GreensPro 1240 articulate fully to hug and preserve the natural contours of the green. You can choose the direction you want to roll without creasing the putting surface.
  3. Gentle in turns. The rollers on the GreensPro 1240 are split so that each half can rotate independently, which is gentle on turf and virtually eliminates scuffing in the turns.
  4. Operator comfort. The entire platform is designed around the operator. Tilt steering makes it easy to get on and off the machine. And the seat adjusts forward and back on an incline so operators of different heights can reach the ergonomically designed foot pedal.GP1240_Story_500x373-2GP1240_Story_500x375-3
  5. Easy transport. With a light tongue weight of about 20 lbs (9.07 kg), the GreensPro 1240 is easy to connect to a utility vehicle for transport from green to green. The GreensPro also has an integrated QuickLatch coupler system that locks in place without a pin, making it easier to attach the unit to a tow vehicle with two hands.


For more details about the GreensPro 1240 and what it can do for you, visit or contact your local Toro distributor.