Spring brings welcome changes to your turf — along with some not-so-welcome challenges. Rolling can help alleviate common problems with some added benefits. Here are three reasons to make greens rolling part of your spring program.


1. Alleviate frost heaves in northern climates.

Frost heaving is caused by the cycle of freezing and thawing on many northern golf courses.

Surface soil can buckle from the pressure as temperatures fluctuate and moisture from below is drawn up to the frozen layer. If this is occurs on your course, it’s a good idea to roll before your first mow to avoid scalping any uneven spots.


2. Smooth swollen thatch in southern climates.

Heavy rain and high humidity can cause thatch to swell, allowing mowers to sink in and scalp the turf. Rolling smooths the thatch to help avoid scalping while also creating a better playing surface.


3. Prepare seedbeds for better growth.

Rolling increases seed-to-soil contact, which leads to better growth.


The Right Roller for the Job

If you’re looking for the perfect machine for these applications, the Toro® GreensPro® 1200 riding greens roller offers several unique advantages:


• The offset smoothing rollers overlap, providing a consistent roll across the entire swath of the machine without leaving a roll line.

• The split design allows both halves of the smoothing rollers to spin independently, so they’re gentle on turf and less likely to scuff.

• The articulating smoothing heads hug and preserve the natural contours of the green, allowing more flexibility in choosing the direction to roll the green.


In addition, the GreensPro 1200 is easy to operate with convenient steering and foot pedal control. One person can convert the unit from operating to transport mode without tools.


For more information about the Toro GreensPro 1200, contact your local Toro distributor or visit toro.com/greenspro.