When a machine is simple to use and maintain, it’s simply a smarter investment — and Toro’s GreensPro 1240 is a perfect example of this Turfonomics principle. The GreensPro 1240 combines simplicity and performance with upgraded features, producing exceptionally smooth, fast greens quickly and easily.

Top Line Thinking

You are judged by the condition of your course. And golfers judge your course by the condition of the greens. The GreensPro 1240 delivers a smooth putting surface while preserving the natural contours of your green.

The GreensPro 1240 provides a 48” roll swath with two independent, articulating smoothing heads that perfectly follow undulations. The offset smoothing rollers overlap, so they won’t leave a ribbon of unrolled turf. This allows the operator to cover more ground in less time, since there’s no need to make shorter passes. Plus, the GreensPro’s exclusive split smoothing rollers are gentle on turf and virtually eliminate scuffing in turns.


Bottom Line Thinking

In addition to unmatched roll consistency, the GreensPro stands out for features that enhance productivity. This unit has a very light tongue weight — about 20 lbs (9.07 kg) — so it’s easier to connect to a utility vehicle for transport from green to green. It’s nearly half the tongue weight of the average greens roller on the market today, which can make a big difference when you’re connecting and disconnecting the unit on 18 greens. The GreensPro also has an integrated QuickLatch coupler system that locks in place without a pin, making it easier to attach the unit to a tow vehicle with two hands.


Operating the unit is easier too, thanks to features like tilt steering, innovative seat adjustment and simple pedal control. The 40-degree tilt steering makes it easy to get on and off the unit. The operator’s seat adjusts forward and back on an incline, so operators of different heights can reach the foot pedals comfortably. Even the foot pedals are ergonomically designed for better acceleration control with less effort. It’s all designed around the operator.


Real World Thinking

The GreensPro 1240 is also designed for long life with less maintenance. We’ve used premium stainless steel bearings inside our smoothing rollers, as well as premium seals to keep debris out. This design extends bearing life over multiple seasons, eliminating the hassle and expense of replacing them annually.

To find out what the GreensPro 1240 can do for your course’s Turfonomics, check out this video, visit www.toro.com or contact your local Toro distributor for more information.