Toro Workman® MD Series Advantage #2: Quiet Electric Performance
Part 2 in a 3-part series

Whether you’re working in the early morning around homes or during the day while customers are at play, there are times when quiet performance is a must. Toro has the answer with the Workman MDE utility vehicle.

Low Noise, Low Emissions
The electric Workman MDE runs entirely on long-life batteries. Simply charge it overnight and go. Without a gas-powered engine, it’s extremely quiet — not to mention environmentally friendly. In fact, the MDE emits zero emissions.

Superior Ride Quality (SRQ™)
You won’t have to sacrifice power or performance for quiet operation. The MDE features Toro SRQ suspension, which hugs the contours of uneven ground for a smooth, comfortable ride no matter what the payload.

Low Maintenance
With the MDE, you not only have less noise, you also have less maintenance. The MDE requires 50% fewer maintenance tasks than gas-powered vehicles. No need to check or change the oil!

No Fuel Required
An MDE doesn’t need to be filled up every few days with a tank of gas or diesel. Over the life of the vehicle, that’s a savings that can really add up.

Think a Workman MDE is right for you? Visit the MDE cost calculator at and compare typical operating costs for gas-powered models and the electric model. Or ask your local Toro distributor for more information.