Scott Redder, golf course superintendent and director of property management at Grand Lake Golf Course in Grand Lake, CO, says his crew has been happy with their two new Toro Workman® HD Series utility vehicles. The new Workman models are part of Toro’s new lineup, which features powerful Kubota engines and increased payload capacities.


“I’ve always been a firm believer in Kubota.”

“So far they’re very impressive,” Redder says. “I’ve always been a firm believer in Kubota, so when I heard Toro had teamed up with Kubota I was pretty excited about it. We haven’t had a single hiccup. We’ve been very happy with them.”

According to Redder, his crew uses the Workman vehicles anytime they’re hauling any form of material, be it aeration plugs, sand, gravel or Class C road base. They also use them to haul supplies for morning setup. One unit is equipped to run a core harvester for aeration processes, and another unit is outfitted with a topdresser attachment.


They even use their new Workman vehicles on the biking, hiking and cross-country skiing trail system next to the golf course. “A lot of times we take those Workmen back there — especially the four-wheel-drive model — to do trail maintenance where the terrain gets a little rougher,” Redder explains.


“I’m tried and true Toro.”

Redder’s decision to purchase the new Workman models was based on his past experience with Toro. His fleet is about 90 percent Toro equipment, including Toro Triplex mowers and Toro fairway mowers. He looked at other options, but ultimately stuck with Toro. “At the end of the day, we realized we needed the hydraulics — the high/low range transmission and high-flow remote hydraulic systems,” he says. “I’m tried and true Toro. I bleed red, not green or orange, so I wanted to stick with that route.”

Another deciding factor was the support Redder gets from his Toro distributor. “L.L. Johnson has been a great company to work with,” he says. “I’ve always been very happy with them.”


Check Out The New Workman HDX

The new gasoline-powered Workman HDX models are powered by a 32.5 hp (24.2 kW) Kubota 972 EFI engine. This 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, liquid-cooled engine delivers 962cc at 3,600 RPM and offers electronic control for improved torque management. With throttle by wire, the throttle is tied to engine RPM based on the position of the pedal, resulting in consistent speed control when climbing hills or pulling heavy loads.

The new diesel-powered Workman HDX-D models are powered by a 23.3 hp (17.4 kW) Kubota 902D engine. This 3-cylinder engine delivers 898cc at 3600 RPM. The Kubota 902D is designed to deliver plenty of power and torque to haul heavy loads while also reducing noise levels.

For more information about Toro’s new Workman HD Series models featuring Kubota engines, see your local Toro distributor or visit