Accurate spraying is always the goal on the course. Even more, you want to be sure that you’re spraying the desired mix with no chemical loss. Unique features on the Toro Multi Pro WM 200-gallon sprayer accessory assure aggressive agitation, faster response times and consistent application rates.

Higher Spray Volume

Toro’s industry-exclusive six-diaphragm pump produces up to twice the flow of two or three diaphragm pumps to achieve higher spray volumes and aggressive agitation. Working together, the pump, elliptical tank and side agitation nozzles deliver industry-leading mixing with 99 percent spray-out of chemical. You’ll be assured of the spray rate you desire delivered at maximum efficiency.


Intuitive Control

Operators don’t have to take their eyes off the job thanks to the QuickFind™ console. It helps the operator intuitively find the boom and actuator switches with the palm of the hand, placing the command of key vehicle and sprayer systems at the operator’s fingertips. Plus, the info center display and analog pressure gauge are located above the boom section to keep sprayer operation data in the operator’s line of sight. The result is improved sprayer control without taking the operator’s focus away from the vehicle.


Timesaving Options Also Increase Safety

The optional Cleanload™ Eductor allows fast, safe loading of chemicals without the need to first mix into a slurry, plus it keeps the outside of the main chemical tank cleaner. The optional automated Fresh Water Rinse system cuts spray system cleanup time by up to 1 hour. The system operates right from the driver’s seat, simplifying and automating the triple-rinse process to clean the inside of the tank.

Easy Setup And Takedown

The Multi Pro WM 200-gallon sprayer accessory attaches perfectly to Workman HD and HDX vehicles so you can get right to work. Just as important, it disconnects in less than 20 minutes so you can swiftly move your versatile Workman on to other tasks. For convenient storage, the truss-style boom system folds in a crisscross position.

The Performance You Need

The Multi Pro WM sprayer gives you ideal versatility and accuracy. The 200-gallon size provides plenty of volume for meeting the needs of most jobs without the added weight of larger systems. Even more, industry-exclusive features like the six-diaphragm pump and agitation system ensure that you get the mix you need delivered at an effective, efficient rate with unmatched 99 percent spray-out. To learn more, call your local Toro distributor or visit