Chemical application is critical to the health and quality of your turf, but applying an appropriate amount can be a balancing act. The GeoLink® sprayer with Auto Steer is one of the most advanced sprayers on the market, offering sub-inch accuracy and substantial product savings. 

GeoLink is Toro’s exclusive turf-based GPS spray system that tracks the sprayer’s precise location for repeatable mapping. If an operator covers previously sprayed ground, GeoLink automatically turns individual nozzles on and off to avoid the risk of overapplying.

To make this critical job even easier, the Auto Steer feature takes the pressure off the operator with the touch of a button. The GPS-guided steering assistance feature ensures even greater accuracy and time savings by using the full width of the boom on each pass.   

Here’s how to get the most out of the Multi Pro GeoLink with Auto Steer:

Get the Most Out of the Multi Pro GeoLink with Auto Steer

GeoLink can be installed on the Multi Pro 5800 or 1750*
No matter the type of sprayer, the operator will see the same control screen and can create a vehicle profile that communicates to the software which machine it’s running on.

Save tasks
Tasks can be saved on the Multi Pro 5800 with a selected nozzle so you can switch between tasks and nozzles without recalibrating the machine’s spray system.**

Get the Most Out of the Multi Pro GeoLink with Auto Steer

Customize your preferred boundaries
Choose whether you’re spraying fairways, tee boxes, greens and more to treat only the targeted areas. Tasks can be further customized by including or excluding individual boundaries.

Create specific Guidelines for Auto Steer

  • AB Line Guidance: Creates a straight, point-to-point steering path.
  • Identical Curve Guidance: Allows operators to generate curved lines from point to point.
  • Guidelock Guidance: Generates a wayline that follows with Auto Steer after the first spray pass and allows for computer-assisted lineups for the spraying application through the whole boundary.

If an operator notes uncharacteristic results from the machine, the fix may be fast and simple.

Icon color
Pay close attention to the Auto Steer state icons on the control panel. White means Auto Steer is ready to use. Green means Auto Steer is engaged. Red means that Auto Steer is not engaged. There are a few reasons the icon may be Red:

  • If the machine is going too slow (less than .7 mph) or too fast (more than 8 mph) for Auto Steer to engage.
  • If the controller is turned off via the Autosteer Enable/Transport Switch on the dashboard.
  • If additional support is necessary, your local Toro distributor will be happy to assist you, or you may contact the GeoLink team directly at 1-844-GeoLink.

To learn more about the Multi Pro GeoLink with Auto Steer, contact your local distributor, go to  or dial 1-844-GeoLink.

*Auto Steer is only available on the Multi Pro 5800.
**The bypass valves on the Multi Pro 1750 still need to be adjusted when the nozzles are changed.