When a piece of equipment does a job well and makes your job easier, it’s not just an expense — it’s an investment. The Toro Multi Pro 1750 sprayer is an investment that pays off every time you use it.


Top Line Thinking

Spraying is essential to keep your golf course in top playing condition. But not all sprayers are alike. The Multi Pro 1750 is designed to deliver accurate application rates start to finish. Its six-diaphragm pump is an industry exclusive, producing ample pressure and up to twice the flow of two-diaphragm pumps for aggressive mixing and thorough agitation. This helps you apply a consistent mix so the chemicals can work effectively. And when the pump is engaged, it’s always on — so there’s virtually no spray lag. The Multi Pro 1750 delivers a full spray pattern immediately, so you can back up to a bunker and apply chemicals accurately from the moment you start moving.


Bottom Line Thinking

In addition to exceptional spray accuracy, the Multi Pro 1750 provides 99 percent spray-out, which means almost no chemicals are wasted. Those savings can really add up. The 175-gallon elliptical tank has no shelves or corners for chemical to stick to or build up on. Plus, three side-mounted agitation nozzles continuously “roll” the tank contents for industry-leading mixing. Together with the six-diaphragm pump, this system helps ensure maximum spray-out rates.

Time savings also impact your bottom line, and the Multi Pro 1750 can save up to an hour of cleanup time every time you triple-rinse the tank with the optional Automatic Fresh Water Rinse Kit accessory. This rinse system nestles next to the main chemical tank and holds enough clean water for one triple-rinse cycle. The operator simply pushes a button on the dash to start an automatic rinse on the fly. There’s no need to stop or find a water source to rinse out the tank, which adds up to greater productivity. And you won’t use any more water than you need to complete the triple-rinse process.


Real World Thinking

When it comes to saving time and money, it’s always a balance. Gaining efficiencies shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance — and you won’t with the Multi Pro 1750.

In fact, accessories like the optional Clean Load Eductor Kit actually save a step, allowing fast, safe loading of chemicals without the need to first mix them into a slurry. This side-mounted mixing station lowers to a convenient waist height to make it more comfortable to load chemicals. It also reduces spills to keep the outside of the tank clean, which helps reduce concerns from players who may be following after the unit on the course.

See why Toro’s Multi Pro sprayers have earned industry-leading market share and customer satisfaction. Visit toro.com/multipro for videos and more information, or ask your local distributor for a demonstration.