New Advances Greatly Enhance Course Maintenance Productivity

Just as golfers can’t afford to waste shots, golf course superintendents and managers can’t afford to waste time and materials. Two new products from Toro help maintain ideal course conditions efficiently and effectively.

The NozzAlert™ Flow Monitoring System helps prevent the misapplication and over-, or under-spraying of costly chemicals, and the built-in guidance of the Multi Pro® 5800 with GeoLink AS (autosteer) sprayer virtually eliminates overlap spraying or missed target areas.

NozzAlert Flow Monitoring System

NozzAlert is an easy-to-install accessory that ensures optimal flow across the entire spray boom. It monitors all 11 or 12 nozzles, showing each individual nozzle on the intuitive color display. Green indicates that the nozzle flow is operating at the correct rate. If there are any flow disparities, the operator is alerted through a visual change to yellow or red on the display as well as an optional audible alert.

As a result, operators no longer have to rely on visibility — which is usually poor, especially behind the spray tank — to assess nozzle performance. Upon an alert, the operator can fix the issue before any potential misapplication can result in damaged turf, costly waste, or diminished application efficacy. Accuracy is enhanced, and the risk of causing turf damage due to over- or under-applying sprayable products is greatly reduced.

NozzAlert is compatible with all tri-truss Toro Multi Pro Sprayers produced since 2006, however cannot be equipped in tandem with GeoLink GPS units. All system components are chemical and weather resistant for long-lasting performance.

Multi Pro 5800 with GeoLink AS

The Multi Pro 5800 equipped with GeoLink uses GPS control to ensure precision coverage, reducing the inconsistent results that can occur through a change in operators or from job to job. The GeoLink AS (autosteer) function makes sure the machine follows the optimal pass and fully utilizes all of the nozzles on the spray boom for a faster, more efficient spray process.

Because optimal travel routes are stored, the Autosteer feature also makes it easy for operators of different skill levels to use the Multi Pro 5800. Even a novice operator can achieve the ideal spray path quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of overlap spraying or missing target areas. Plus, both contoured travel routes and straight line passes can be stored, so the productivity gains can be applied to any area regardless of its shape.

Productivity In Action

The NozzAlert Flow Monitoring System and the Multi Pro 5800 with GeoLink AS are available now to help you maximize course maintenance efficiency and retain the ideal course conditions you desire. Learn more at or your local distributor.