There’s a right time, a right tine and a right type of aeration for your area and what you want to accomplish on your course. At Toro, we have about every possible tine you can imagine for the changing seasons and your most demanding turf conditions. Toro TITAN® tines offer superior quality to give your course the best possible care. And with more than 150 products in the TITAN lineup, we have the tines to meet your exact aeration requirements.

The majority of a tine’s wear occurs at the tip, where the tine interacts with the turf the most. TITAN Max tines offer the advantage of a long-lasting tungsten carbide-blend tip that retains its sharp edge longer. That’s important because a sharp edge provides a clean cut rather than tearing some of the plants – promoting faster healing and recovery. Carbide tips are brazed, delivering a strong bond and resist separation and breakage. It all adds up to tremendous longevity, offering excellent performance and long-lasting wear in most conditions.

TITAN tines come in a variety of sizes and types to deliver the exact aeration your course needs to sustain healthy, robust turf.

Why Choose TITAN Tines?
All TITAN tines are made of a strong alloy, combined with a unique heat-treating process that maximizes strength and resistance to wear. These tines are designed to produce an optimized core, removing more thatch for maximum topdressing. They also cut a clean hole that helps improve recovery time and maintain playability. In addition, TITAN tines are built tough to maintain a consistent aeration depth over time, reducing costly change-outs.

Planning Resources
To help with your tine selection, Toro offers a handy tool you can use to evaluate your aeration plan by estimating the percentage of surface area that will be affected, the volume of soil to be removed and the potential risk of turf damage based on your tine configuration.

See the Aeration Evaluation Guide starting on page 5 of the 2016 Toro TITAN Tines Catalog online for more information or watch this Aeration Tips Basics video.