Aerating In-Season with the ProCore® 648s
Aerating in-season is essential for keeping your course up to the highest standards. However, the downtime associated with the aeration process isn’t ideal during busy times — so a tool that can minimize the time it takes to get back to optimal playing conditions is an asset. With Toro’s ProCore® 648s, courses can tend to this key maintenance task while shortening the return to optimal conditions for golfers. Superintendents can feel confident that they won’t have to sacrifice short-term playing conditions for longer-term grass health.

Toro ProCore 648s

ProCore 648s Walking Aerator
Toro’s ProCore 648s takes everything people love about the ProCore 648 and enhances it with more innovative features. Revised operator controls focused on improving ergonomics and usability allow users to feel confident they’ll be more productive and precise with the ProCore 648s.
The new features include electronic drive control for more consistent hole spacing on slopes, the ability to easily increase speeds on turnarounds, a tighter turning radius, and more. A storage box and accessory LED light kit has also been added for convenience. Primary controls have been moved to the end of the steering handle for easy, single-hand operation. Plus, Toro’s InfoCenter technology has been added to the operator console for manager-set tine depth and spacing along with quick access to data and diagnostics.

Efficient Operation
The Toro ProCore line is legendary because of its ability to cover a significant amount of ground in less time. With a 48″ aeration swath, the ProCore 648s is nearly double the width of any other model. With a width like that, the machine can aerate eighteen, 6,500 square foot greens in about seven hours.
To add to the efficiency, the completely redesigned operator handle of the ProCore 648s has intuitive controls that allow simple one-hand operation from either side of the machine. This allows the operator to walk and keep their focus forward with less fatigue. The floating handle also allows users of various heights to operate the machine comfortably. It even locks in the raised position, reducing floor space needed for storage.

Shortening Return-to-Play Time
The ProCore 648s can provide a quicker return-to-play time thanks to Delayed Mode. During operation in this mode, it constantly monitors the position of the coring head in its rotational path and the speed at which it drops to help ensure maximum tine depth at the first contact with the ground. In most turf conditions, this eliminates the need to repair tufted turf.

ProCore 648s Delayed Mode

Delayed Mode also allows operators to easily target where they want the coring head to drop or raise, so they can stop and start passes more precisely. This is especially helpful when dealing with in-ground obstacles, like an irrigation head.

The proven RotaLink™ geometry also helps keep the return-to-play time as short as possible by allowing the tines to enter and exit the ground cleanly. The TrueCore™ sensing system automatically maintains tine depth on the fly to match ground undulations, providing a consistent coring depth of up to 4″. For both core and venting aeration, TITAN® tines from Toro are designed for exceptional hole quality and superior durability — lasting up to three times longer than regular tines. With a selection of over 180 options, superintendents can find the right tine for the job every time. View the TITAN Tines Catalog for a full list of options.

ProCore 648s

Great Greens. Better Timing.
With enhancements like Delayed Mode, the ProCore 648s is the right choice for in-season aerating. A higher-quality hole and more precise performance ensure operators can feel confident their course will return to optimal playing conditions in no time. Visit the website to learn more about the ProCore 648s, or visit your local Toro distributor.