Shorten The Return Time To Playable Conditions With Toro Aerators

Aeration is essential for healthy course turf and greens. While golfers appreciate the beauty of the grounds, they have little patience for waiting for the course to become playable again after aeration. Fortunately, Toro® ProCore® 648 walk-behind, 686/687 tow-behind, ProCore 864 and 1298 three-point mounted, and Bullseye™ RotaQuake™ 630 aerators shorten return-to-play time while delivering the exact aeration needed to establish and retain robust turf.

It starts with productivity. All Toro aeration models are easy to use and highly efficient, so operators can aerate more area in less time. Just as important, hole spacing is precise and clean, shortening the recovery time for a faster return to play.

Choose Your Depth

From the shallow drum-style units to the deep aeration of the ProCore SR series, you can relieve soil compaction to a variety of depths.

The 78″ aeration swath of 686/687 drum-style, tow-behind units covers a lot of territory in a short time. The floating head design follows ground contours vertically and horizontally, and the arrangement of solid or coring tines delivers an effective aeration pattern.

The ProCore SR line offers aerating depth up to 16 inches. Deep-tine aeration is highly valued on courses because it allows oxygen, water and critical nutrients to penetrate through the root zone. Toro’s wide selection of aerators allows you to get the depth you need to maximize turf health.

ProCore 648 Walking Aerator

With a large 48″ aeration swath, nearly double the width of many other models, the ProCore 648 covers a significant amount of ground in less time. And that’s just the beginning of why it has the highest productivity rating of any walk aerator on the market. It’s able to aerate 18 greens in about seven hours, assuming an average of 6,500 square feet per green.

Hole quality is essential not only for aeration, but also for a faster return to playing conditions. The ProCore 648 uses RotaLink™ geometry so the tines enter and exit the ground cleanly. TrueCore™ sensing technology automatically maintains your selected tine depth, up to 4 inches, across ground undulations for consistent coring depth. With multiple tine holder options and the flexibility to adjust ground speed to space holes from 1.5 to 3 inches apart, you can get the exact results you need.

Productivity and quality results for the entire aeration process are also enhanced by the machine’s design. Innovative rear wheel placement in front of the aeration head ensures they don’t drive over freshly aerated turf, and the patented 3-wheel series/parallel traction drive prevents slippage to help ensure even hole spacing.

What sets the ProCore 648 apart even more is the outstanding selection of tines — more than 180! For both core and venting aeration, TITAN® Tines from Toro are designed for exceptional hole quality and superior durability, lasting up to three times longer than regular tines. The wide range of tines ensures that you’ll have exactly what you need for any application, and the unique TITAN QuickChange™ taper-lock design makes changing tines a snap. Check out the TITAN Tines catalog to see the complete selection.

ProCore 864 And 1298 Three-Point Aerators

Thanks to a 98″ aeration swath, the ProCore 1298 makes quick work of the largest areas on your course. The ProCore 864 is identical, except that it’s 64 inches wide. Both models utilize the RotaLink™ geometry to ensure consistently high-quality holes, and the depth control mechanism has a high gear ratio so that changing settings is almost effortless. Plus, you can set a hole depth of up to 5 inches.

Easy to operate, the ProCore 864 and 1298 have a balanced configuration that greatly reduces operator fatigue for a productive, efficient aeration experience. Easy access to service components and minimal grease points shorten maintenance time.

Bullseye RotaQuake 630 Rotary Aerator

The tapered blade design of the RotaQuake 630 creates a wave action that shatters compacted areas and opens up the topsoil with minimal surface disruption. The aeration depth is easily adjusted up to 10 inches, and the rear roller smooths the surface.

High Efficiency. High Performance.

With many features that enhance productivity and innovative designs that quickly return the course to playable conditions, Toro aerators are the choice for hole quality and long-term precision performance. Visit the website to learn more about the 686/687 Series, ProCore SR Series, ProCore 648, ProCore 864, ProCore 1298 and Bullseye RotaQuake 630 or visit your local distributor.