Customer Shares First Impressions of Outcross® 9060

Spring has arrived, and the golf courses that have purchased the new Outcross® 9060 are discovering all the ways this multi-purpose workhorse can be used. It’s designed to do all the work of a tractor and a super-duty utility vehicle without the headaches often associated with operating each in turf maintenance applications. Plus, with a 3-point hitch, drawbar, cargo bed and front loader, the Outcross 9060 offers countless opportunities to put it to work year round.

Turf-Friendly Versatility
Sevierville Golf Club in Sevierville, Tenn., just purchased its Outcross 9060 last fall, and superintendent DJ Lerchen is planning to use it with a variety of accessories including a fertilizer spreader, a 200-gallon agricultural sprayer, a fairway slicer, a deep-tine aerator and a ProCore® 1298 aerator. “We did all of those things with a tractor, but the Outcross seems more turf-friendly and more maneuverable,” Lerchen explains. “That’s the reason I got it. Being manufactured for the turf industry rather than just another tractor was the value I saw in it.”

Lighter Footprint
Lerchen has already noticed the Outcross 9060’s lighter footprint, especially in the wetter conditions he’s recently seen. The balanced design eliminates the need for front counterweights, making it significantly more delicate on turf than an agricultural tractor. An electronically controlled four-wheel steer and four-wheel drive system also enhances maneuverability. “It tracks better on the turf,” Lerchen says. “You don’t have those big tractor tire marks. It’s going to be a lot less noticeable where it’s been.”

Time Savings
Lerchen is also looking forward to using the Outcross 9060 to aerify tees and fairways. “We were using an 80-horse tractor with our ProCore 1298, and it takes a lot longer to turn around and go back,” he explains. “The length of the wheelbase on the Outcross is about a third less than the tractor, so it’s going to be a lot more maneuverable. That’s going to save us time.”

Room for Two
Another feature Lerchen appreciates is the two-seat configuration. “When you’re trying to train assistants and spray techs, you can have someone in the passenger’s seat — that’s something you can’t do with a tractor,” he notes. “As a supervisor, that’s going to help us teach people how to use the equipment.”

The Outcross 9060 is designed for simple operation, with a hydrostatic drive system and automotive-style controls. Operators can simply select forward or reverse and drive. Superintendents can also set up and save the parameters for up to 16 attachments for consistent performance, no matter the skill level of the operator in the seat.

For more details about the new Outcross 9060 and its all-season capabilities, check out this video, visit our website, or contact your local Toro distributor.