7 Ways To Get All-Season Productivity With Your Outcross® 9060

The turf-friendly Outcross® 9060 doesn’t just work hard during golf season; it’s a multi-purpose powerhouse year-round. Toro offers a full range of warm- and cold-season attachments so you can customize your Outcross 9060 for the jobs you need to do — potentially replacing several pieces of dedicated equipment. Here are seven ways you can outfit your machine to get the most out of your investment:

1. Look forward to snow days.
The optional factory-installed cab shelters operators from the elements and offers exceptional operator comfort in any weather. Add loader arms and a BOSS SK plow to make short work of even the heaviest winter snows.

2. Aerate with ease.
Add a ProCore® SR Series or ProCore® 1298 aerator to your Outcross 9060 to aerate a variety of turf areas including fairways, greens and tees. SR Series aerators have coring tines that can go as deep as 16 inches (40.6 cm). Plus, you can adjust the soil fracturing motion to meet the exact needs of the course area you’re working on. The ProCore 1298 combines proven coring head technology with a 98-inch (2.49 m) aeration swath, making it one of the most productive and durable large-area aerators available today. SR Series aerators and the ProCore 1298 are all built for superior performance and long service life.

3. Topdress for success.
The large-capacity MH-400 material handler gives your Outcross 9060 the versatility to tackle a variety of jobs. Use the cross conveyor for completing renovations, applying mulch, backfilling drainage ditches and more. Or install the twin spinner accessory to make the MH-400 a large-area topdresser that can transport and accurately spread materials including fertilizer, a sand/peat topdressing mix, and more.

If needed, you can also tow implements like a wood chipper in tandem with the MH-400 using the rear hitch receiver. The MH-400 has 4 cubic yards (3.06 cu m) of hopper capacity and an application width of up to 40 feet (12.2 m).

4. Mow rough areas.
Did you know your Outcross 9060 can even double as a mower? Just add the Groundsmaster® 1200. As “the only pull-behind worthy of being a Groundsmaster,” this attachment offers the same productivity, durability and superior cut as the other large-area rotary mowers in the line, as well as Toro’s legendary spindles that can withstand the most challenging conditions.

The Groundsmaster 1200 has three independent, fully articulating decks, adding up to a 12-foot (3.7 m) width of cut. It can also mow up to 8.73 acres/h (3.53 hectares/h) at 6 mph (9.7 km/h). The wing decks hug undulations in the terrain for outstanding quality of cut, and fold up for easy transport. Plus, the height of cut is infinitely variable from 0.5 inches to 4 inches (1.3 cm to 10.2 cm).

5. Haul heavy cargo.
Add a 1.3-yard (0.99 cu m) cargo bed with over two tons of capacity to your Outcross 9060. It’s an easy way to haul topdressing sand, a pallet of fertilizer, or any heavy load. When you’re done hauling, simply lower the stands, detach the bed, and drive away.

6. Load up on functionality.
Quickly attach the loader arms to your Outcross 9060 and you can add a wide range of accessories using the universal skid steer mounting plate. Attach a bucket to load some sand. Switch to forks to unload a pallet of sod. The loader arms can be removed in minutes so you can move on to another task.

7. Save your settings.
With the Outcross 9060, you can set up and save the parameters for up to 16 attachments — so they’re easy to use and perform consistently, no matter what the skill level of the operator. You only need to do this one time, up front for each attachment. It’s an easy way to ensure the attachment will perform exactly to your specifications, whether you use it next week, next month or even years later.

For more Outcross 9060 application inspiration, contact your local Toro distributor or visit toro.com.