Enabling On-The-Go Golf Course Irrigation Control

Did you know that you can have all your essential irrigation information readily available within a single, intuitive interface? The Toro® Lynx® Central Control System is a popular golf course irrigation control system that allows you to address your course’s unique challenges — and now it comes with even more connection enhancements.

Lynx Cloud

The first enhancement is the addition of Lynx Cloud, a cloud-based tool now included with each Lynx Central Control System that allows you to enable system updates and adjustments from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. This means adjusting the settings on specific stations or holes no longer requires the use of a desktop computer.

You can start, stop, hold and remove holds from sprinklers or entire areas, directly from the Lynx Cloud map feature. Adjustments can be made indefinitely or for a specified number of days. Lynx Cloud then automatically updates the settings back on the Lynx computer.

Lynx Cloud also solves the problem of identifying which sprinkler you want to adjust while out on the course. The “Find me” feature helps locate the closest sprinkler to you on the map at any given moment, ensuring adjustments are made in the correct spot. A course irrigation overview feature is also available with Lynx Cloud, and shows which sprinklers are currently running, along with which ones recently ran and which are about to run.

toro lynx fusion irrigation controllers for golf course irrigation

Lynx Fusion™

The second enhancement is Lynx Fusion, a new Lynx Central Control capability that allows two types of systems — a Lynx Smart Satellite system and a Lynx Smart Module 2-wire system — to be seamlessly combined and operated from one Lynx Central Control computer. This feature is especially beneficial for golf courses undergoing renovation and system upgrades because it eliminates the need to run two different central control computers during the transition.

Additional Irrigation Control Enhancements

Beyond Lynx Cloud and Lynx Fusion, there are a few other features that help improve usability, convenience and control.

The automated backup will now save all Lynx settings to your computer and the cloud on a biweekly, weekly or monthly basis, depending on preference. Also, alarm notifications can be set up to alert you in several situations, such as when the weather station detects rain. Alarms are customizable and can be sent to different people at different times of day, or on different days of the week.

And, you can now choose which direction the course map on your Lynx Central Control System faces to best suit your viewing preference.

Contact your local Toro distributor for more details about the Lynx Central Control System or check out the new enhancements at toro.com. For more updates, be sure to follow @ToroGolf on Twitter. Read more about Toro Irrigation here.

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