The latest Toro® Lynx® Central Control System updates provide robust, easy-to-use tools, unprecedented precision and a range of intelligent features. These new upgrades are built on the success of previous irrigation management systems, as well as feedback from golf course superintendents to address the unique challenges of golf course irrigation.

How it all began

After several years in development, the first version of Lynx Central Control System was released in 2010 as a replacement for Toro’s original irrigation management system, SitePro® Central Control. SitePro was a market-leading product for many years, but ultimately, it was time for something new and improved.

“Although the system was quite powerful and effective at managing irrigation, we at Toro often heard that customers thought it was just too complicated,” said David Angier, marketing manager at Toro.

It was then that Toro decided to create a new system. “We started from scratch,” continued Angier. “Of course, we incorporated many of the same effective features from SitePro into the new Lynx system, but our main goal was to focus on ease of use and intuitiveness of the product.”

Toro product managers asked a customer advisory council of golf course superintendents to field test the new Lynx product throughout development and provide honest feedback on new features and updates. Ultimately, the Toro crew set out to make a product that would continually evolve to meet superintendents’ needs and exceed their expectations. 

Upgrades with major upsides

To this day, the evolution of Lynx continues to be customer-driven, a fact that’s reflected in the latest enhancements: 

Lynx Control System

Lynx Cloud
Included with every Lynx Central Control System, Lynx Cloud is a cloud-based tool that enables system updates and adjustments to be made anywhere from a smartphone or tablet. Adjustments can be made indefinitely or for a specified number of days. Lynx Cloud then automatically updates the settings back on the customer’s Lynx computer.

Lynx Control System

Lynx Fusion™
Lynx Fusion is a new Lynx Central Control capability that allows two types of systems, a Lynx Smart Satellite system and a Lynx Smart Module two-wire system, to be combined and operated from one Lynx Central Control computer. This gives golf courses the flexibility to transition to a new system over time, instead of all at once, allowing for phased system upgrades.

Automated backup
Lynx settings can be backed up to both the customer’s computer and the cloud on a biweekly, weekly or monthly basis, depending on preference.

Alarm notifications
Set up and test alarm notifications for several scenarios, such as when the weather station detects rain. Alarms are customizable and can be sent to different people at different times of day or on different days of the week.

Seamless compatibility with Lynx Smart Modules 
Lynx can automatically identify smart modules after the initial installation process, which can save customers a substantial amount of time.

Unmatched precision and control 
The new system offers runtime controls to the second and measures inputs to one hundredth of an inch. So, customers can set a specific watering amount and the system will stop at a specific second to meet the exact measurement. Other systems can’t do that and round up to the next minute.

Enhanced diagnostics 
Lynx can retrieve voltage and amperage data, which is crucial to understanding the overall health of the irrigation system. This also allows for easier troubleshooting, as having course information at the customer’s fingertips cuts down on the amount of time they have to be out on the course looking for problems.

Streamlined communications 
New express mode delivers lightning-fast communications, so customers can utilize system information to forecast potential system issues and address them earlier.

Continuous collaboration for continuous improvement

Always eager to listen and collaborate, the Toro team has no plans to stop working with customers to enhance the way the Lynx Central Control System serves them. Contact your local Toro distributor for more information on the Lynx Central Control System or visit