Go Beyond Ordinary Support With Toro NSN

While some irrigation system manufacturers have an 800 number for support, that’s merely where the Toro National Support Network (NSN®) begins. Now celebrating its 30th year, NSN was the first dedicated customer support network in the irrigation industry. It grew out of Toro’s commitment to helping customers maintain top-quality turf, and that commitment has never wavered.

Over the decades, the amount of support services offered by NSN has greatly expanded. Whether you’ve been using NSN for years or are just learning about it, make sure you’re taking full advantage of all NSN has to offer.

Expert Support 24/7/365

NSN isn’t some basic call center with amateurs trying to answer your questions by following a script. Every member of the team is a certified licensed irrigator who has also been certified with the Help Desk Institute®. You won’t have to leave a message and wait for a call back. You’ll speak directly with a true irrigation professional who has the knowledge and field experience to understand your challenges and help you find the right solution.

Just as unique to NSN is that our facility includes a full field hardware lab stocked with equipment from different eras. So whether you’re making do with an older system or have the latest and greatest, the NSN team can replicate your setup in the lab and work through even the most difficult issues.

NSN also understands that you’re often on the go and have limited time, so coming in early 2022 NSN’s 1-800-ASK-TORO number will include both voice and text options. When a conversation isn’t needed or time is short, just send a text to get the support team in action.

Extensive Training Opportunities

One of the most popular NSN features is the in-depth training. By learning directly from NSN experts through in-person training at distributor locations as well virtual courses, you’ll maximize the capabilities of your irrigation system and Lynx® software. All classes are GCSAA accredited.

  • Level 1 is a two-day course covering irrigation system essentials.
  • Level 2 is a two-day course with more advanced instruction.
  • Level 3 is an advanced course that includes field hardware training and lets you bring your own database to work with during the session. The course lasts two and a half days.
  • Focus Training offers one-on-one instruction, virtual or in person, tailored to your specific needs.

More detailed training information can be found here.

Ongoing Support

NSN comes automatically with your Toro irrigation system and is also available as a monthly subscription. Another NSN advantage is that you can bundle it with your Lynx software to simplify billing into one monthly payment. You’ll have a comprehensive package that includes Lynx database conversion, map creation, NSN support and training, and the many other Lynx features. You’ll automatically get any Lynx upgrades. Plus, the upgrades will only happen at the beginning of the week so you can get any help, if needed, before the weekend.

Part of NSN’s commitment to helping you maintain your course’s turf is emergency support. In addition to help from our experts, we’re also there for you in the event of a flood, tornado, fire, vandalism and other disasters. We’ll provide replacement equipment the next day, so you don’t have to wait for your insurance company to process the claim. We’ll provide documentation for your claim and support you in any other way we can.

To learn more NSN services and support, contact NSN or visit your local distributor.