Reduce golf course operating costs through precision irrigation with the Lynx®Smart Module from EIGCA Gold Partner Toro. Developed with greenkeepers in mind and based on decades of engineering experience, this new 2-wire control system works with Toro’s INFINITY®and FLEX800™ sprinkler systems.

Precision Control

With the Lynx Smart Module, greenkeepers can control sprinkler run times to within ±1 second tolerance to deliver the right amount of water exactly where it’s needed. Course managers can easily make edits as course conditions change, which can lead to significant water savings by preventing overwatering. Running 1,000 sprinklers at 80 litres per minute for just 30 seconds less could save about 40 cubic metres per day!

High-Speed Diagnostics

The Lynx Smart Module also provides comprehensive diagnostic information up to 10 times faster than other 2-wire technologies. The system can provide diagnostic data for up to 1,000 sprinklers, reducing test times from minutes to seconds. Having greater visibility into course irrigation systems allows course personnel to quickly identify issues and solve them for less downtime and more efficiency.

Fast Installation

The barcode app and the high-speed 2-wire network help golf courses speed up installation and avoid errors. Lower power requirements and direct burial allow stations to be added easily. Courses can also reduce costs by using less wire than other systems, and avoid damage from vandalism, flooding or equipment collisions since most parts are buried.

Durable Design

Each component of the Lynx Smart Module is designed for durability, including Smart Guard™ best-in-class surge protection to withstand tough lightning conditions. The module also works with the Lynx Smart Hub to protect flow-managed irrigation schedules with superior backup and operation, even if connection to the central computer is interrupted.

Simple Upgrades

With the Lynx Central Control System’s simple, intuitive interface, courses can program and control irrigation activities right from the course map. They can also upgrade the Lynx Smart Module remotely with just a click. That means course managers will always have the very latest innovative features and benefits as soon as they are released.

With so many benefits, the new Lynx Smart Module gives greenkeepers more control than ever before. It’s the irrigation technology of tomorrow, and it’s available now. For more information, please visit the website or contact your local Toro distributor.