Know More, Do More With New Lynx® Smart Satellite

Take your irrigation efficiency to the next level with Toro’s all-new Lynx® Smart Satellite. It builds on the proven Network VP® platform, enhancing communications with the Lynx Central Control System and integrating with field sensors to help course staff make even better-informed irrigation decisions.

Smart Design
The Lynx Smart Satellite golf course irrigation controller is designed for performance and reliability. It features a faster microprocessor and increased memory, easily handling today’s tasks and offering ample capacity for future enhancements. It’s also built for reliability with fewer cables and connectors, corrosion-resistant metals, vented circuit board covers and simplified power distribution.

Smart Features
A number of new features deliver more and better information, as well as precise control. Key enhancements include:

  • Intuitive user interface. A larger backlit six-line display and familiar navigation make manual and diagnostic operations easy and productive.
  • Enhanced wireless communications. A new digital radio with an integrated modem delivers improved communication signal integrity, new diagnostic information and more control options.
  • Optional sensor compatibility. The Lynx Smart Satellite integrates with the new Sensor Input Kit, allowing either local or Lynx Central Control System response to pressure, flow rate, rain, status and temperature information from anywhere on the course.
  • New diagnostic tools. LED indicators clearly display normal function and diagnostic information to assist with troubleshooting.

Plus, All the Features of the Network VP
In addition to the new enhancements, the Lynx Smart Satellite is equipped with all the outstanding features of the Network VP. These features include station-based flow management, current sensing and alarm notification, and runtimes executed to the second.

The new Lynx Smart Satellite can be used as a stand-alone controller or under the management of a central computer operating the Lynx or SitePro Central Control System. It’s fully compatible with Network VP and Network 8000 systems as an addition or replacement.

The Lynx Smart Satellite will be available in the spring of 2017. For more information, contact your Toro distributor or visit the Toro website.