Get Even More Irrigation Control

Ready to streamline your irrigation systems? We’ve listened to feedback from the field and have made improvements to the Lynx® Central Control System to include features that will help you water with greater precision, save time on troubleshooting and simplify your daily irrigation process. Find out what the most recent version of Lynx version has to offer.

Unmatched Watering Precision and Control

The latest version of Lynx offers runtime controls to the second and measures inputs to 1/100th of an inch. “I really feel like I’m getting the system dialed in to water like it should,” stated Keith Kresina, Director of Grounds at The Golf Club in New Albany, Ohio. “I have my system set up based on the precipitation rate, and then I can set the schedule to deliver that precisely.” Supporting runtimes to the second is a feature that’s unique to all new Toro® hardware platforms. Comparable systems can only offer runtime controls to the nearest minute.

Seamless Sync with Lynx Smart Modules 

The new Lynx system can also automatically identify smart modules as well as the Lynx Central Control version being used after the initial installation process, which can save you a substantial amount of time. “It’s the only way to go if you’re going to get a two-wire system,” said Kresina. “I wouldn’t even consider the old module. The smart module just makes things so much simpler. I can get reports right away, so we can get after any problems.”

Upgraded Functionality and Ease of Use 

New features such as interval day control has been incorporated to help you easily designate active and non-active days. Additionally, there is now enhanced map functionality as well as intuitive controls for an extremely user-friendly interface — which help you and your team get up to speed faster. “Right after we got done with the system, we hired a new irrigation foreman that had a little bit of experience with Toro systems,” stated Tyler Truman, Golf Course Superintendent at Sun City Palm Desert in Palm Desert, California. “He came on and picked up the Lynx 7.0 really quickly without any issues. Our irrigators don’t have a lot of computer knowledge but are able to quickly pick it up and make adjustments to sprinklers very quickly.”

Enhanced Diagnostics and Communications

To help improve your understanding of the overall health of your irrigation system, the new version of Lynx can retrieve crucial voltage and amperage data. “Troubleshooting is way easier now,” stated Stephen Coyne, Golf Course Superintendent at Club Mediterra in Naples, Florida. “If there’s a problem with a decoder, I can isolate it and replace it much faster than I could before.” And according to Kresina, the diagnostic speed afforded by this feature is a huge advantage for the maintenance of his ground’s irrigation system. “We water at night and when I come in in the morning and see blinking red lights, I know we’ve got a problem and can start working on it right away. Having that information at your fingertips is absolutely great.”

Additionally, the new express mode delivers lightning-fast communications, allowing you to use system information to forecast potential system issues and address them earlier. “For time management, it helped us identify things quicker and also identify things before they got really bad,” said Truman. “It cut down on the amount of time my guys were out looking for problems. We knew exactly where to go.”

In comparison to Lynx version 6.5, Coyne also noted that the express mode feature available with the latest edition of Lynx saves him four hours of diagnostic time. “We operate one course on Lynx 6.5 and one on 7.0. With 7.0 we are capable of using the express check to communicate to all decoders within a minute and a half, which is incredible. With 6.5, checking all of the decoders can take up to 4 hours.” 

For more information about the Lynx Central Control System, visit or contact your local Toro distributor.