5 Ways to Aerate More Efficiently

When it comes to turf, beauty isn’t just surface-deep; it starts down at the roots. As any superintendent knows, regular aeration and topdressing relieve soil compaction, increase drainage and promote deeper root growth for a vigorous, healthy course.

Unfortunately, it’s also a messy, labor-intensive job that takes the turf out of play — challenges that few look forward to. That’s why Toro has developed a full line of products to make your job easier and more productive.

With Toro products, you can:

Alleviate subsurface compaction with deep-tine aerification.

Toro ProCore SR72 Aerator

Toro’s ProCore SR Series deep-tine aerators penetrate up to 16″ below the surface to promote healthy root growth on your greens, tees, fairways and roughs.. These durable, time-tested products withstand even the most extreme aeration conditions. They also feature hydraulic remote depth adjustment, so the operator can change depths without getting off the tractor for greater productivity. Models range from lightweight, precision machines for smoother, softer greens to robust, heavy machines that break up soil on even the most compacted surfaces.

Aerate all 18 greens in about 7 hours*.

The Toro® ProCore™ 648 has the highest productivity rating of any walk aerator on the market, thanks to a 48″ coring swath, quicker turnarounds and a faster transport speed. The wheels are placed within the coring path, so you can make pass after pass without running over cores — simplifying cleanup. Plus, the TrueCore™ ground following system maintains consistent tine depth on the fly over ground undulations.

Cover large areas in fewer passes.

Toro’s ProCore 864 (64″) and 1298 (98″) tractor-mounted aerators are up to 25 percent wider than current competitive units, so you can cover more ground in less time. In fact, the ProCore 1298 can aerate up to 2.3 acres per hour, with dual coring heads that articulate to follow undulations The precision-balanced coring head also eliminates hopping, rocking and unnecessary vibration.

Sweep, process and disperse aeration cores in one pass.

The Toro ProCore Processor sweeps up and processes aeration cores into fine particles, evenly distributing them across the full 70″ width of the aerator. It’s aeration and topdressing in one step! Simply attach the ProCore processor directly to your three-point aerator, and you can do it all with one tractor and one operator. This not only reduces time and labor, but also gets the turf back into play sooner than any other method.

Spend less time changing tines.

Most tine wear occurs at the tip, where it interacts most with the turf. Toro Titan® tines have a durable carbide tip that helps your tines last significantly longer. And for fast tine changes in the field, try patented Titan QuickChange™ tine heads. All you need is one simple tool to change tine configurations or replace worn tines — no nuts or bolts to drop or misplace. It reduces setup time by up to 75 percent, so you can be more productive. Whether you need solid, coring or deep tines, Toro has a full range to fit the application.

No matter what your specific needs are, Toro has a solution to help you aerate more efficiently and productively. Learn more about these and other Toro aeration products at www.toro.com/cultivation.

**Assumes average 6,500 sq./ft. (604 m2) greens, 2″ x 2″ (5.1 cm x 5.1 cm) linear hole spacing, 1,000 feet (305 m) between greens at maximum transport speed and standard “tear-drop” style turnarounds.

Why Deep Tine Aerification?

Deep-tine aerification relieves soil compaction at lower soil levels than typical aerification. The tines fracture the soil, creating channels through the root zone for oxygen, water and critical nutrients to travel. The result is healthier soil that efficiently uses fertilizers, resists disease and reduces water use.

Toro Deep Tine Diagram