Toro Rolls Out New Innovations at GIS

This year’s Golf Industry Show (GIS) may have been virtual, but the innovations showcased by Toro are very real. From a new Greensmaster® all-electric mower to a major upgrade in precision irrigation, Toro introduced a wide range of solutions for golf course care and maintenance:

Greensmaster® e1021 All-Electric Mower

The new all-electric fixed-head Greensmaster e1021 mower from Toro takes electrical efficiency to a new level, allowing operators to mow up to 35,000 square feet (over 3,000 square meters) of turf on a single charge. Ideal for applications near homes, resorts and anywhere noise restrictions or regulations are in place, the e1021 helps courses get the after-cut appearance they want while saving labor and operational costs. Featuring Toro’s proven DPA cutting units and a 21-inch (53.34 cm) cutting width, the Greensmaster e1021 delivers the best-in-class cutting performance and easy maneuverability courses need.

TransPro® 200 Trailer

Take productivity for walk mowing golf course greens to a higher level with the new TransPro® 200 trailer. Adjustable roller pockets make it easy to configure the TransPro 200 to ensure a perfect fit for fixed units and flex units, with or without groomers, giving mowers a super secure ride so that precision settings don’t change during transport. Operators will be able to quickly unload their greens mowers and get right to work. A hitch pin release is incorporated into the convenient lift handle, making it quick and easy to hitch and unhitch the trailer.

Expanded Workman® Line

Two new options in Toro’s Workman line are perfect for golf courses looking for a utility vehicle that can be customized to fit their needs. The Workman GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted model combines three additional inches (7.6 cm) of ground clearance with lower maintenance costs. The GTX Lithium-Ion can provide as much as 25% more run time when compared to the GTX lead acid model. Plus, the vehicle’s lithium-ion power packs are maintenance-free and eliminate expensive scheduled lead-acid battery replacement. The steel bed accessory boasts the most cubic feet of cargo space in its class. It also features water-resistant polyurea bed coating that not only adds sound and vibration damping, but also provides superior environmental and impact protection. These new products add even more options to a lineup that offers hundreds of possible configurations.

Lynx® Expansion

Toro celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Lynx® Central Control System with major new enhancements, including more visualization options, rate management tools and cloud-based features. The new version allows superintendents to have a map view of their Precip Management Group (PMG) and the projected amount of irrigation. The Lynx Mobile Cloud update includes user-selected mapping and touch features that give superintendents superior control from any location. A new automated backup scheduler saves time and protects settings. In all, the latest Lynx enhancements take course irrigation management to the highest levels of efficiency, convenience, and security. 

Bullseye Equipment Line

Toro introduced a brand new line of grass and turf maintenance equipment branded under the Bullseye product name. The new lineup includes grooming, cleaning and de-compacting solutions for synthetic turf managers and brushes, cultivation, renovation and seeding solutions for those maintaining any type of natural grass. The new line helps field managers and course superintendents save time by solving more of their maintenance challenges from a single distributor and provides more versatility to their Toro Outcross and Workman Series utility vehicles.

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