Your Toro Distributor: A Trusted Partner Is a Key Advantage

There’s one key advantage that comes with every commercial and irrigation product Toro makes: the support of a strong and committed distributor network. It’s an advantage that may not always be top of mind during the acquisition process, but selecting a brand with a strong local channel partner provides a significant benefit to enhance the overall value and ownership experience during the life of your Toro® products.

Here are just a few examples of the exceptional value you can expect when choosing Toro products and your local Toro distributor:

  1. Experience. Toro’s North American distributors have an average tenure of nearly 60 years in business, with several approaching 100 years and a couple who have been in business beyond the century mark. That’s an impressive history and provides assurance that they possess the dedication and experience to be a trusted resource for your operation.
  2. Exceptional Service and Support. Thousands of people — and an extensive network of systems and processes — are at work behind the scenes to ensure your satisfaction with Toro products long before the demo and long after the acquisition is complete. This team of committed professionals regularly exceeds customer expectations, earning a reputation for service and support that positions Toro favorably in customer satisfaction surveys versus the competition. Toro distributors don’t take customer loyalty for granted; they continually strive to earn the business by providing exceptional value and support.
  3. Toro Distributor Partners Always Have Your Back (and Toro Has Theirs). As a Toro product owner, you’re never on your own. Whether you have a question about the operation or functionality of a product, or you need to troubleshoot a maintenance issue, you have someone to rely on for assistance and answers. Your Toro distributor can help with selecting the proper products for your operation, finding financing solutions, and providing advice on when it makes financial sense to replace older, less productive products to meet budget guidelines.Think of your Toro distributor as an extension of The Toro Company. They are your direct connection to the manufacturer for warranty service, updates and anything else you need to continue getting the most from your products. In the event that a Toro distributor partner can’t provide the answer, there is a Toro Customer Care network ready, willing and able to assist.
  4. Rapid Parts Delivery. Your Toro distributor is your source for the right parts at the right time, with industry-leading fill rates and quick delivery at competitive prices. Look up and order parts online via myTurf™ or call if you need to talk to a parts professional directly. Toro’s nearly 10-acre warehouse in the heart of North America offers customers fast access to over 100,000 parts in stock. In conjunction with Toro distributor inventory, more than nine times out of ten they have the part you need in stock. Plus, direct delivery to customers is available from participating distributors by utilizing Toro’s ASAP+™ next-day parts delivery system.
  5. Outstanding Qualifications and Training. Toro distributor representatives are highly trained on our products and how to troubleshoot and service them, and they, in turn, train all sales and service personnel as Toro experts. Many distributors also offer customer training to enhance knowledge on the care and maintenance of Toro products.
  6. Focused on What Matters Most in Turf. Toro distributor representatives are focused on turf management solutions. This isn’t a secondary consideration; it is the main focus of their daily operations. They specialize where others may not. They understand the critical issues you face and work to provide timely and innovative solutions to ensure your operation is running at peak efficiency.
  7. Caring Relationships. Toro distributor representatives don’t stay behind the scenes. They’re constantly out visiting customers. They want to know about your business and understand your challenges in order to help solve them. They’re truly committed to the long-term success of your operation.

Turf maintenance equipment and irrigation systems represent a significant investment for any golf course, and local Toro distributors are critical to help maintain and optimize that investment for the long term. With Toro’s industry-leading distribution channel, you can confidently rely on your Toro distributor as a true partner — enhancing the value of that investment before, during and after the sale.

Count on it.


To find your local distributor, use our simple Distributor Lookup Tool.