Asset Management Made Simple With myTurf® Pro

Maintaining the perfect playing surface is no small undertaking. Golf course superintendents encounter countless obstacles on any given day, including keeping track of budgets, supervising staff and overseeing the operation of complex equipment and systems that need to remain in top operating condition. Add weather and other variables, and it’s safe to say that superintendents are no strangers to workplace challenges.

That’s where myTurf Pro comes in. A comprehensive asset management system, myTurf Pro focuses on connecting, managing, maintaining and simplifying maintenance processes to help address the daily challenges of maintaining a golf course. Launched earlier this year, myTurf Pro is already revolutionizing the way superintendents are monitoring their assets, ordering parts, managing assignments and tracking maintenance completion. This ultimately allows crews and technicians to be more efficient, contributing positively to the bottom line of the operation.

A True Evolution
This comprehensive and intuitive asset management system has been more than a decade in the making. Toro has offered fleet management programs in the past, but none as robust as the new myTurf Pro system. Previously, asset management tools were primarily focused on the cost of ownership of a specific piece of equipment. In contrast, the new system has evolved into an overarching tool for managing assets including equipment attachments like cutting units, scheduling technician assignments and tracking overall costs of operation.

Additionally, no other asset management system has provided the flexibility and customizable tools to deliver interactive alerts, job tracking information, expense and operations reporting, and instant access to mission-critical service documentation — all vital information for effectively managing an operation, and all available in a single system.

By simplifying these processes, myTurf Pro allows more time for superintendents to focus on what matters most — the health of the turf and the overall success of the operation.

Getting the Job Done
The web-based myTurf Pro asset management system seamlessly connects equipment and maintenance programs, while real-time data keeps course staff informed to ultimately work smarter and more efficiently. A proactive approach to maintenance allows superintendents to lengthen the overall longevity of the equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Detailed historical maintenance records provide valuable information on total cost of ownership and asset performance, ultimately allowing superintendents to make smart equipment choices. While this data is being reported behind the scenes, the myTurf Pro system features an “at a glance” user-friendly dashboard that keeps management informed of maintenance requirements and operational status.

Additionally, the system allows technicians to automate processes with proactive maintenance notifications, and the turf industry’s first equipment connectivity tool — Toro wireless hour meters — to automatically track operating hours within the myTurf Pro system.

Another unique feature of the myTurf Pro asset management system is the ability to quickly link to interactive parts diagrams specific to a course’s Toro equipment and click to order replacement parts directly from the program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can also manage maintenance assignments and track completion of tasks while providing comprehensive reporting to review when needed.

Plays Well With Others
Toro’s myTurf Pro web-based asset management system also provides full and immediate access to electronic equipment manuals and other resources specific to equipment in the fleet at the touch of a button, but the benefits aren’t limited to Toro equipment. Superintendents can also use myTurf Pro to manage other equipment brands, providing a comprehensive picture of all the equipment assets in the fleet. myTurf Pro is also an outstanding solution for managing irrigation systems, allowing superintendents to establish maintenance programs, track history and costs, and order parts — all from the same easy-to-use myTurf Pro interface. The system is backed by Toro National Support Network (NSN) allowing users to chat, email or call regarding any questions that may arise.

To enroll in a free trial today or to learn more about myTurf Pro, contact your Toro distributor or visit the myTurf Pro website.