5 Things to Know About Toro’s New “What Matters Most” Campaign

We’re getting ready to launch a new campaign that explores how golf industry customers like you have a direct impact development at Toro. Here are five things you need to know about the “What Matters Most” theme and what the message behind it means for you.

  1. What matters most to Toro is what matters most to you.
    More than a campaign slogan, the “What Matters Most” theme captures our culture, our philosophy and our way of doing business. We listen to our customers so we can understand their day-to-day challenges and deliver solutions that make a difference. It’s all about solving your most critical pain points — not simply innovating for innovation’s sake.
  2. It’s an ongoing process.
    We don’t develop solutions in isolation. We consult with customers to identify their problems or needs (i.e., what matters most). Then we follow up with them at every step in the process to validate the concept, continually testing and reaffirming that what we’re building is what they want and need to do their job.
  3. We consider all the layers.
    Your ultimate goal may be preparing your course to deliver the optimal conditions for your players and members. But what you need most to achieve that goal depends on your role in the operation.Maybe you’re a general manager looking to do the most you can with the budget you have available. Or maybe you’re an operator who gets tired and sore after a few hours of mowing and could be more productive with a more comfortable machine. You could even be a superintendent who is looking for a way to irrigate more efficiently.We take all of these needs into account and work to find the best balance, providing the most benefit with the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the product.
  4. It’s about more than products.
    We don’t just focus on what matters most to you and your customers when we’re developing maintenance equipment and irrigation products. That focus also extends to things like providing better service with training and customer care technicians who support our local distributors.
    We also build relationships with industry experts, association partners and non-profit initiatives that work to advance the game of golf. And we care deeply about protecting the environment, both through our support of key environmental organizations and our own focus on developing solutions that conserve precious resources.
  5. We plan for the big picture.
    Maintaining the ideal course requires a lot of things, some of which come from other sources than Toro. That’s why we are constantly working to consider ways to integrate with the other course management tools you need to be successful. One example is our development of connected devices that deliver the information you need, when and where you need it — what we call the Internet of Turf. At the end of the day, this focus on what matters most is one more reason to choose Toro equipment and irrigation products. Involving customer input at every stage of development ensures that we dig deep to uncover problems you might encounter and enhancements that could make your job easier. As a result, you get tested and proven solutions that you know are designed with your needs in mind.