This series of articles will attempt to capture just a few innovations, old and new, that Toro has developed over the past 100 years to help our customers meet the ongoing challenges of maintaining their golf courses. In each article, our intent is to quietly honor the customers, channel partners and Toro employees that have all contributed to our longevity and success.

Bunker maintenance has come a long way since the days of hand rakes. And today Toro offers some of the most advanced mechanical grooming rake solutions for golf courses. Read on for a quick look at how Toro mechanical groomers have evolved over the years, making bunker maintenance more efficient than ever before.

1940s: Hand Rakes and Pull-Behinds

Early on, maintaining bunkers, or sand traps, was a more manual and time-consuming process involving hand rakes. However, pull-behind rake attachments for Toro tractors soon started to make their appearance — suddenly making bunker maintenance a far less time-consuming task than ever before.

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1972: Introducing the Sand Pro

Toro unveiled its Sand Pro® sand trap maintenance vehicle at the Golf Course Superintendents Association Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1972.

Dubbed “a timesaver in the traps” that “pays for itself in less than a season,” the first Sand Pro featured an 8hp cast iron engine, a three-wheel hydraulic drive, zero turning radius and a cultivator bar rake assembly that assisted in weed and debris removal in addition to raking sand. Following the Sand Pro introduction in 1972, Toro developed many new attachments to help superintendents use the Sand Pro for additional applications.


Adding Attachments for Versatility: Sand Pro 3040/5040

Today’s mechanical grooming rake solutions from Toro include the Sand Pro 3040 and 5040, which feature the exclusive Quick Attach System™ (QAS). QAS allows for tool-free, quick attachment change-outs of over 25 valuable attachments, making the Sand Pro 3040 and 5040 extremely versatile utility vehicles.

Designed with a maintenance-friendly layout, the operator seat on the Sand Pro 3040 and 5040 can be easily lifted to provide quick access for maintenance tasks. And for increased access, the side and center quarter panels are easily removable.

Additional key features include a power-packed Vanguard® engine that’s fuel-efficient, runs cooler and includes a fully pressurized oil lubrication system for longer life. Hydraulic power steering and steerable front attachments are exclusive to the 5040.

Increasing Maneuverability and Productivity: Sand Pro 2040Z

The Sand Pro 2040Z zero-turn mechanical grooming rake is the perfect solution for daily bunker or infield grooming. And while it doesn’t offer the wide variety of attachments afforded by the Sand Pro 3040 and 5040, its exclusive flex raking system and patented “lift in turn” feature allow you to make tight turns without leaving unraked teardrops or tire marks — helping you achieve a uniform surface in a single pass. With a transport speed of up to 12 mph (19.3 km/h), operators can move from bunker to bunker quickly.

The machine’s zero-turn design also allows you to easily groom around obstacles and hard-to-reach areas other groomers cannot access. Plus, with power steering via two independent control sticks, operating the Sand Pro 2040Z is virtually effortless.

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There’s nothing like a look at the past to understand just how far equipment and technology have come. To explore more innovations in golf grounds maintenance in the past 100 years, check out the other articles in this series featuring historic product developments for Fairways, Greens, Roughs, Vehicles and Irrigation.