The Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA) is a nonprofit trade organization for golf course builders and suppliers to the golf course construction industry. We asked the GCBAA’s executive director, Justin Apel, to tell us more about the association and how it works to support members and the game of golf.

What is GCBAA?
The Association is not just for those who build and renovate golf courses. Here’s a quick overview of the GCBAA’s diverse membership.

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Supplier Relationships
Through the GCBAA, course builders have the opportunity to be part of a network with manufacturers and suppliers like Toro. These connections give builders a chance to play a role in perfecting the latest technology.

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What’s New
Most recently, the GCBAA has added a certification program to recognize those who specialize in golf course irrigation contracting.

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Professional Certifications
Another benefit available to GCBAA members is the Association’s certification programs, as Apel notes in this clip.

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Future Trends
As an industry resource, the GCBAA is always tracking the latest trends. In this clip, Apel discusses one of the current hot topics in the golf industry.

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Sticks for Kids Program
One of the initiatives the GCBAA is most proud of is the Sticks for Kids program, a junior golf outreach program that gives underprivileged youth an opportunity to learn and play the game. Watch this clip for more details.

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Learn More
Visit to learn more about the GCBAA, its charitable foundation and the ways they are giving back to the game of golf. You can also search its online directory of golf course builders, suppliers and consultants around the world.

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