As Europe’s leading exhibition for turf professionals and buyers, the BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) kickstarts the new year with a fresh infusion of the latest new products and technologies. Several new Toro® products made their UK debut during the recent BTME event, which was held 22-24 January, 2019. Here are some of the top highlights from Toro distributor Reesink Turfcare’s stand at the exhibition.

NEW Toro Greensmaster® 1021 Fixed-Head Pedestrian Greens Mower
The 21-inch Greensmaster 1021 fixed-head pedestrian greens mower is a revolutionary step forward with a design that allows the machine to work in perfect harmony with the operator. Toro has taken the popular Greensmaster 1000 Series and enhanced it with a number of patent-pending features and innovations, such as:

A new telescoping loop handle that can be easily adjusted to comfortably accommodate operators of all heights and skill levels. This simple adjustment helps to deliver a more consistent cut while reducing operator fatigue.
Handle isolation mounts that give the cutting units consistent contact with the ground throughout the mowing process. This helps eliminate even the slightest variability in the height of cut that can occur because of variations in handle pressure or differing operator strides.
New operator controls, in conjunction with a shorter distance between the roller and the drum, which allow for more precise handling in turns and on undulating ground.
New EdgeSeries™ cylinders that provide a crisp, close and precise cut.
A modular design for streamlined maintenance. Now it only takes minutes to replace an entire cutting unit or engine assembly, and each unit can be backlapped directly using the transport wheels.

NEW Hydraulics-Free Greensmaster eTriFlex™ With Lithium-Ion Battery
Designed in response to customer demand, Toro’s new hydraulics-free Greensmaster eTriFlex reduces noise by 50 percent — offering the ideal solution for quiet, leak-free, clean cutting. Alongside the lithium-ion battery is a proven Kawasaki® twin-cylinder 14 hp air-cooled engine with a reduced speed of 2400 rpm, shrouded in venting. It’s this design that helps reduce the perceived bystander noise level by half.

Because the eTriFlex is so quiet, operators may be able to circumvent noise regulations and start work earlier or at times of day when area residents may otherwise complain. Plus, with greens ready earlier, it could enhance revenue by allowing earlier tee times.

The Greensmaster eTriFlex also ticks the green credentials box with its all-electric components and brings an estimated 22 percent fuel savings*, thanks to its efficient power supply. Plus, the cut is consistent from the first to the last green, as it’s no longer dependent on changing oil temperatures. It’s Toro’s most advanced riding greensmower ever, setting a new standard for mowing greens.

NEW Lynx® Smart Two-Wire System
BTME attendees were also given the first look at Toro’s Lynx Smart Module, a new two-wire system which provides the flexibility of a satellite controller with the cost savings of a two-wire system. The solution is equally well suited for sites under construction and those which have yet to update.

Based on decades of engineering experience delivering high-speed diagnostics using rapid two-way communications, the Lynx Smart two-wire system is the next generation of the already successful GDC control system. The backwards- and forwards-compatible add-on tool provides backup operation should connection to the central control be interrupted, allowing irrigation to continue.

The Lynx Smart two-wire system also comes with attachments to expand the capabilities of the Lynx central control system. For example, the Smart Module delivers for extra precision and speed, with watering by the second. In addition, the pedestal or wall-mounted Smart Hub enables the system to be segmented into manageable areas by strategically placing up to twenty Smart Hubs over the site for simplified maintenance. This allows for in-field manual operation or troubleshooting and creates a convenient point of connection for the soil, flow and status sensors.

All of these features are coupled with the option to integrate with pump systems and weather stations, allowing instant real-time adjustments to irrigation programmes in the event of pump issues or weather events that require application changes.

The Lynx Smart Module can be updated with a single click, allowing course managers to have the latest innovations and benefits as soon as they’re released. The handy barcode app also puts faster installation and replacement in the palm of your hand. It all adds up to a solution that allows course managers to reduce downtime, optimise efficiency and realise significant savings.

More About BTME
BTME typically attracts over 150 exhibitors showcasing everything from artificial grass and course furniture to irrigation products and fertilisers. Last year alone, nearly 9,000 turf managers, golf club owners, managers and other industry professionals attended the annual event.

Representing Toro at the 2019 exhibition was Reesink Turfcare, an official UK distributor for Toro professional turfcare machinery and irrigation products for the golf, sport and amenity sectors. The company is based in St Neots, UK, and can be found online at

For more information about Toro’s full line of turf care and irrigation products, please visit

*Compared to the Greensmaster 3320.
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