Part 1 in a 3-part series.

Toro’s all-new Greensmaster® TriFlex™ and TriFlex™ Hybrid models are the first riding greensmowers to cut with the precision of a walker. These models were completely redesigned from the ground up to deliver the best cutting performance on the market. Four models will be available in the first half of 2011: the standard TriFlex mowers with a gas or diesel engine and the TriFlex Hybrid mowers, also available with a gas or diesel engine.

So, how did we do it?

We took your biggest challenges and solved them with cutting performance advances that not only eliminate problems but also ultimately improve course playability. Here’s a quick look at the top improvements …

Challenge: Gouging, scalping and scrubbing.

Toro TriFlex Solution: The new Double A-arm Suspension system – which utilizes our proven flex technology in conjunction with DPA cutting units – floats over the contours of the playing surface, keeping cutting units parallel to the ground to protect against gouging or scalping, even over the most severe undulations.

Challenge: The dreaded “triplex ring.”

Toro TriFlex Solution: Our exclusive lift-in-turn feature provides a slight lift to the inside of each cutting unit during turns for a consistently level cut. This feature eliminates step cutting and unsightly variations on the clean-up pass for improved playability and aesthetics.

Challenge: Hydraulic leaks.

Toro TriFlex Solution: Toro’s TriFlex Hybrid models feature an all-electric reel drive system to eliminate all hydraulic leaks associated with the reels. Powerful 1.5 hp electric motors are also sized for up to 3 hp at peak load to handle a broad range of cutting applications – on and off the green.

Challenge: Tire tracks.

Toro TriFlex Solution: To minimize tire tracks, weight is equally distributed over all three wheels on the TriFlex models. In addition to balancing the weight on all three wheels, the new “balloon-style” tires have been redesigned to eliminate sidewall loading that can leave uneven ridges on the turf.

Challenge: Clippings capture.

Toro TriFlex Solution: TriFlex models feature a redesigned clippings capture system that maintains a consistent gap between the basket and cutting unit to retain nearly all grass clippings. A discharge shield forces clippings inside the basket and minimizes “blow-by.” The result is a cleaner cut and a mowing system that promotes healthier turf.

See the technology for yourself!

Toro is sponsoring a “Master the Greens – U.S. Tour” in 16 cities across the U.S. To sign up for a regional event near you, visit the new Greensmaster website at and select Demo Events.