The more ground you cover at once, the less time it takes to mow — and Toro’s Groundsmaster® 4500-D and 4700-D rough mowers deliver a lot of productivity based on their sheer size alone. With cutting widths of 9 ft (2.7 m) and 12.5 ft (3.8 m) respectively, they’re the largest rough mowers in the Contour™ family. But that’s only part of the productivity story.


These Tier 4 Final mowers do more than cut a lot of grass on each pass — they also reduce downtime and deliver an after-cut appearance that’s second to none. Here’s the lowdown on five key ways these models help you do more in less time.

1. Fewer stops due to engine heat. Both units feature Toro’s SmartCool™ system with an auto-reversing cooling fan. An engine temperature-activated sensor or manual switch reverses the fan direction to blow off chaff buildup on the top and rear intake screens when needed. This helps keep the engine cool and working at top performance.


2. The fastest optimum speed for the job. These mowers are also equipped with Smart Power™ technology, which prevents them from getting bogged down in heavy turf by automatically controlling the machine speed and optimizing cutting performance. This ensures the mower is traveling and cutting as fast as it can for the conditions without compromising on the cut.

3. Unmatched quality of cut. Smart Power keeps the blades turning at the optimum speed to give you a pristine cut. In addition, the patented free-floating Contour Plus rotary cutting decks virtually eliminate scalping with a multi-directional pivot system and anti-scalp cups. Air inlet pockets also keep the grass standing tall for a crisp, clean cut. Plus, a modified rear discharge opening disperses clippings more evenly for less clumping.

4. Fewer uncut strips of grass. The larger overlap between front and rear decks helps minimize uncut strips of grass when cutting on hills or side hills and in tight turns. This is an advantage over comparable mowers with a smaller overlap that can leave behind unattractive strips of uncut grass.


5. Picture-perfect striping. Heavy-duty solid rear rollers produce the professional striped look of a championship course, enhancing the finished look of your turf.


The Groundsmaster 4500-D (five decks) and 4700-D (seven decks) are the only units in the Contour family that are equipped with both SmartCool and Smart Power technology. Both mowers also offer full-time, bi-directional 4-wheel drive, a mini InfoCenter with maintenance reminders and alerts, and a range of amenities for operator comfort.


For more information, visit or contact your local Toro distributor.