The Toro Groundsmaster® 3500-D delivers a championship-quality cut on all kinds of rolling and banked surfaces — even the most challenging berms and mounds. Here are five reasons why this contour-following rotary mower is a top choice for trimming applications:

1. Virtually NO scalping. With Toro’s exclusive Contour™ Plus cutting technology, three independently floating 27-inch decks follow the surfaces of bunkers, greens and tee surrounds, hugging them evenly for a consistent cut. “The use of the 3500-D with the contour rotary decks has dramatically improved the condition of our greens, tees and bunker surrounds.” — Superintendent, Tualatin, OR, via the Toro Leaderboard   2. The ability to shift cutting decks in either direction. Toro’s exclusive Sidewinder® cutting system allows you to shift the decks 12 inches (30.5 cm) left or right of center. That means you can mow delicate transition areas like bunkers or water edges while keeping traction wheels away from the edge. You can also increase the cutting unit overhang for precise trimming. In addition, the Sidewinder design lets you shift the tire path from cut to cut, reducing compaction for less wear and tear and healthier turf.

“The sidewinder action of the cutting heads lets the operators get areas that would normally have to be touched up with an extra piece of equipment or done by hand – saving labor cost in the long run.” — Superintendent, Little Rock, AR, via the Toro Leaderboard   3. The cleanest possible cut. Special air inlet pockets keep the grass standing tall for the cleanest possible cut, while an acceleration baffle speeds clipping circulation and ensures maximum power. The modified discharge opening also disperses clippings evenly. (An optional mulching kit is available.) “The Toro 3500-D does a fantastic job of cutting around greens and tees with a professional look. I don’t think there is a comparable piece in the market that does what the 3500-D accomplishes.” — Superintendent, Fort Wayne, IN, via the Toro Leaderboard   4. Exceptional traction, power and maneuverability. The 3500-D’s patented Series/Parallel™ 3-wheel drive traction system provides excellent traction on hills and banks while minimizing spinout. The 35 hp (26 kW) turbo-charged Kubota® diesel engine also delivers plenty of power to handle demanding conditions, so operators can mow more holes in a day.

On average, the 3500-D covers about 3.5 acres per hour, which adds up to increased productivity. It’s also equipped with power steering, a tilting steering wheel, a deluxe adjustable seat and easy-to-use controls for maximum operator comfort. “I love our Toro 3500 Sidewinder for many reasons. It is quick and nimble enough to thread its way around trees and bunkers, yet it covers a lot of acreage in a day.” — Superintendent, Kitchener, ON, Canada, via the Toro Leaderboard   5. Effortless top-quality striping. Heavy-duty rear rollers on each deck allow operators to stripe as they mow. “The ability to mow most of the steep areas along with the quality of cut and the striped look give these areas a first class feel.” — Certified Golf Course Superintendent, Cicero, IN, via the Toro Leaderboard   Learn more about the Groundsmaster 3500-D on the Groundsmaster® Contour™ Plus microsite or see your local Toro distributor for information.  You can also find more comments from other golf courses on this product and the full Toro line on Toro’s Leaderboard website.