Mike Beckman, superintendent of the Spencer T. Olin Community Golf Course in Alton, IL, had been fighting for a greensmower for a long time. The old mowers in his fleet had taken a beating – and were beating up the turf.

He made his case after replacing about an acre and a half of bentgrass in greens renovations. First, the course purchased a walk mower. A year later, Beckman finally convinced them to add a TriFlex 3400.

“Within three days, the players and the membership here were saying, ‘I don’t know what you did to the greens, but it’s awesome,’” Beckman recalls. “And the only thing we changed was that cutting unit.”

“The cut has been unbelievable. I rave about it to anybody I talk to,” Beckman says. “It’s my favorite piece of equipment.”

As for features, Beckman likes the accessibility to the cutting units. “The way the cassettes come off and on, it’s an easy change-out for the guys. My mechanic likes that quick-release feature too.”

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