Concerned about kicking up dust when you sweep up debris on the golf course? Toro has a solution. The popular Rake-O-Vac® has a new, enhanced airflow system designed to keep dust to a minimum.

Just unveiled at the Golf Industry Show, this new airflow system directs air and dust upward through the filters, then back down and out the rear of the machine near the ground. Because the air is vented at ground level instead of through the top of the hopper, dust management is significantly improved.

Other key features include:

Flex Tip Reel

The flex tip reel features flexible nylon fingers that gently pick turf clean of pine needles and other debris. It’s spring-loaded to give the fingers an extra kick for clearing debris in wet conditions.

Optional Broom Reel

This optional reel provides additional sweeping power, especially in the cleanup of Bermudagrass during the scalping process. It’s also convenient for hard surface applications.

Large-Capacity Hopper

The hopper has a capacity of 5.8 cu. yd. for large jobs, so you can collect more debris before dumping.

Kohler® Engine

A 22 hp air-cooled Kohler Command® engine delivers the power needed to sweep turf clean in a variety of applications.

The new Rake-O-Vac will be available in summer 2012. Ask your local Toro distributor or visit for more information.