Every time we demonstrate the new Toro Groundsmaster® 360 rotary mower, something interesting happens. People drive it straight to the most challenging areas they have to mow — like tight areas where they get stuck, tricky slopes and the smallest obstacles they have to trim around.

That’s when the a-ha moment inevitably kicks in. “Now I get it,” they say with a grin, having seen the machine maneuver into places their other equipment never could.

“During the development process, we took the Groundsmaster 360 to four continents for customers to test-drive,” adds Kevin Conry, the Sr. Marketing Manager for Rotary Mowers. “Our goal was to solicit constructive and actionable feedback on the design.” Here’s what caught their immediate interest and attention:

Tight, 360-degree turning without turf damage.
The Groundsmaster 360 is noticeably more maneuverable. The operator can literally turn around a blade of grass without tearing up your turf.

Excellent hillside traction and stability.
Climb slopes without slipping and hug turns on side hills. Toro’s advanced Quad-Steer™ all-wheel steering maximizes stability for greater operator safety.

More cutting, less trimming.
The Groundsmaster 360 maneuvers in close around trees and fences, so there’s less trimming to do later. You can even steer around tight spaces without having to shift into reverse … and when you’re moving forward, you’re cutting grass.

Easy operation.
Intuitive controls and a convenient steering wheel make it easy for almost any operator to jump on and do a safe, thorough job with minimal training. The ergonomic design also features a suspension seat with isolation mounts for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Power and versatility.
The Groundsmaster 360 handles like a smaller machine yet packs the serious power of a larger one, thanks to a 36-hp Kubota® diesel engine. Fast, efficient and versatile, it features a 72-inch width of cut — ideal for secondary roughs, trimming around trees and clubhouse lawns. Need to cut back native grasses? Simply adjust the height of cut from 1 to 6 inches to fit your needs.

Seasonal options for year-round use.
Options include Toro’s patented QAS™ (Quick Attach System), which makes easy work of changing seasonal attachments like a snow thrower, rotary broom or angled blade. You can also choose an all-season, factory-installed safety cab with A/C and heating.

The Groundsmaster 360 — in essence — combines the cutting performance of an out-front rotary and the maneuverability of a zero-turn rider without the compromises, enhancing your productivity and stability and maximizing your return on investment. Watch it in action and hear what other turf pros have to say at www.toro.com/360. Then schedule an A-ha demo with your local Toro distributor to experience the unique benefits of the GM360 Quad-Steer Rotary Mower for yourself.