The time and effort needed for bunker maintenance have both been significantly lowered thanks to Toro’s new Sand Pro 2040Z, the industry’s first zero-turn mechanical groomer. The design allows it to turn on a time so you can easily groom even the bunkers you’ve had to groom by hand in the past.

“We get around the course much faster,” notes Mitch Fossey, Superintendent at Troy Burne Golf Club in Hudson, Wisconsin. “The Sand Pro 2040Z does an amazing job.” The end result is pure Turfonomics — fantastic performance in less time.


Top Line Thinking

From small, tight bunkers to those with sloped walls to those that take time simply because they’re large, the Sand Pro 2040Z makes quick work of them all while delivering perfect grooming. The nail drag and unique flex-tooth groomer provide complete grooming in one pass, and the pattern and depth can be easily adjusted for the needs of different moisture conditions.

The new “flex” tooth rake system has a patent-pending “lift in turn” feature that lifts the inside rake during a tight turn, leaving no unraked teardrops or tire marks behind. “The sectional rake makes it easy to groom contours,” adds Fossey. The controls are easy to operate, with steering just like a zero-turn mower.


Bottom Line Thinking

More bunkers groomed in less time. The unparalleled maneuverability of the Sand Pro 2040Z and its 12mph transport speed make it happen, and that productivity saves you money. The 84-inch-wide flex tooth rake features three reversible rubber trowels that won’t tear bunker liners or turf on bunker edges. “We’ve seen a significant decrease in overall raking time and eliminated some hand raking,” said Fossey.

Plus, the powerful engine helps the Sand Pro 2040Z climb in and out of bunkers and move over hills with bogging down, and the unitized transmission design minimizes hydraulic lines and connections for reliable, low-maintenance performance. You’ll get the grooming performance you need while spending a lot less time on both the job and maintenance.


Real World Thinking

At a time when there’s always more to do than hours in the day, productivity matters — but only when you aren’t sacrificing quality. With the Sand Pro 2040Z, you get it all. “We’ve been grooming for years using a Sand Pro 5020,” notes Fossey, “but it didn’t take us long to prefer the new 2040Z. It’s easy to operate, does the job quickly, and I love the finished look.”

Available Sand Pro 2040Z accessories include an LED light kit, a mesh storage bag for tools, trash or debris, and a Bimini sunshade. A seat suspension kit and Turf-Trac tires are also available.

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