Making informed decisions requires precise information. Toro’s patented PrecisionSense Assessment Service delivers just that. Available from Toro in select markets, this service collects data on your course’s soil moisture, compaction, salinity, turf vigor, topography and slope — providing the information you need to save water, improve turf quality and playability, and even justify renovations.

Top Line Thinking

When it comes to keeping your course looking and playing its best, smart resource management is essential. A PrecisionSense evaluation can help in two different ways. One way is through a Precision Irrigation Audit, which uses soil moisture content measurements to determine how your irrigation system applies water so you can fine-tune it for greater accuracy and efficiency. This information is also very valuable if you are trying to justify the investment in a new irrigation system.

Another way is by having Toro collect native soil texture data to map out Precise Irrigation Management Zones and identify where soil moisture sensors should be placed. Toro offers the Turf Guard® wireless soil monitoring system, which can be integrated with the Toro® LYNX® central control system to help you understand the subsurface site conditions and irrigate based on real-time moisture information.


Bottom Line Thinking

The PrecisionSense service is an efficient and systematic way to collect data from points throughout your course — providing a lot of valuable information without requiring a lot of manual labor. Using this data, Toro can generate irrigation audit maps that pinpoint wet and dry zones, areas with salinity or compaction/drainage issue and more. Plus, Irrigation Management Zones can be mapped down to the sprinkler level.

PrecisionSense maps are viewable in Google Earth and can be used with Toro’s LYNX central software to aid in programming irrigation schedules based on soil moisture, salinity, compaction, slope/aspect and more.


Real World Thinking

You can’t always see areas that are starting to be stressed just by driving the course. PrecisionSense gives you the scientific data you need to identify areas that need attention and address them before they become apparent to your players.

That information can also help you gain substantial long-term savings by tailoring your application of water, fertilizer and amendments — so you use only what you need to maintain a high-quality, playable surface. You’ll save water while reducing waste and labor based on real data, not guesswork.

If you’re looking to improve your irrigation system efficiency and accurately maintain your course, ask your local Toro distributor about a PrecisionSense evaluation. You can also see the system in action and learn more about it in this video.