When you invest in the best — Toro Golf products — you expect the ultimate in safety, reliability, productivity and performance of each machine. That’s why you shouldn’t roll the dice when it comes to replacement parts for any Toro product.

Engineered and Tested for Perfect Performance

Unlike many third-party parts, Genuine Toro Parts are designed to our original, proprietary specifications and are thoroughly tested to meet the same standards as the original equipment. In fact, Toro makes parts for new machines and service parts at the same time and in the same facility. Parts come off the line in sets of twos — assemblers randomly select one part to go onto the new machine while the other becomes a service part.

Because they are identical in every way to parts used to assemble each product, Toro service parts always work perfectly with every other part of your Toro machine. Third-party aftermarket parts often aren’t field tested. That could mean your turf is their test ground.

Backed by Professional, Dedicated Service

Genuine Toro Parts are backed by a team of professionals dedicated to your satisfaction. Everyone from warehouse employees to dealers and distributors works for Toro and is focused on protecting our reputation by getting you the right parts as quickly as possible. And if you ever have a special need or specific concern you’ll always have someone to contact whose job it is to make you satisfied. Add to that Toro’s unrivaled parts logistics capabilities and you’ll spend more time in the field and less time waiting on service parts.

Reward Yourself with TLC™ — Toro Loyalty Counts Program

As an added reward for choosing Toro Genuine Parts, Toro’s TLC Program provides rewards you with points every time you buy a qualifying part through your distributor. Points can be redeemed for credit toward future purchases or for an array of merchandise. For more information go here or talk to your Toro parts distributor.

For more information on Toro Genuine Parts, click here or ask your local Toro distributor for details.