It’s natural for superintendents to be cautious about implementing new technology, especially on their greens. Equipment is not only a major investment, but also something you depend on every day. But when it comes to electric and hybrid greensmowing technology, the time to “let someone else try it first” has passed. The benefits have been proven, and it’s here to stay.

Real-World Thinking

Any major decision means weighing risks against benefits. That’s a reality for any golf course superintendent. New products are often perceived as a risk because of the unknown — but that risk shrinks as more and more users experience that product’s benefits over time.


After several years on the market, Toro’s Greensmaster® eFlex® electric walk mowers and TriFlex® hybrid riding greensmowers have established a substantial track record on courses across the globe. Here are four reasons why the time is right to make the leap to this new technology:

  • No longer “new.” Hundreds of golf courses are using new Greensmaster mowers with electric or hybrid electric technologies today.
  • Tournament-proven. Major courses have trusted Greensmaster eFlex and TriFlex mowers for tournament preparation. In each case, they were impressed with the performance and have purchased or intend to purchase more units.
  • Courses are realizing the benefits and they’re talking about it. See the Toro Leaderboard for customer comments or ask your local distributor for references and talk to golf courses that are using eFlex or TriFlex mowers.
  • Special programs make it more affordable to put new technology to work on your course!

What Are You Missing?

If you’re still waiting to try new electric or hybrid mowers, you’re missing out on significant benefits. The electric eFlex walk mower (powered by a lithium-ion battery) can cut up to nine average greens on a single charge. In addition to saving fuel, it makes virtually no noise — so you can mow and be off the greens sooner for earlier tee times. As a superintendent from Brae Burn Country Club in Newtonville, MA, said, “We can’t make noise before 7:00 a.m., but now we can start mowing around 5:30 a.m. and meet the needs of early shotgun starts.”


Operators also love the patented EZ-Turn™ feature that helps minimize turf damage in tight turns. “The main thing I liked was when you get to the end of the pass, when the mower automatically slows down to allow you to turn without scuffing the turf,” said a technician from Woodhill Country Club in Wayzata, MN.

In addition, Toro’s TriFlex hybrid riding greensmowers deliver substantial fuel savings with less noise than hydraulically powered models — all with superb quality of cut. TriFlex models feature Toro’s patented Flex™ technology and the Lift-in-Turn™ feature for a consistently level cut, even on the perimeter. Plus, features such as Quick-Change™ cutting units, a lift-gate footrest for easy access and the onboard InfoCenter™ display also help reduce labor costs.


A superintendent at Hayfields Country Club in Lutherville/Timonium, MD, sums it up the TriFlex mowers this way: “Quality of product and performance combined with ease of operation and maintenance make for a fine piece of turf equipment.”

Ask for a Demo

The best way to learn about Toro’s Greensmaster eFlex and TriFlex mowers is to experience them for yourself. You can even choose an extended demo with the eFlex mower. Contact your local distributor for details and learn more online at