Perfect greens depend on a precise cut, and Toro’s Dual Point Adjustment (DPA) cutting units are designed specifically for the job. The simple design holds its adjustment for a consistent quality cut every time and greatly reduces maintenance.

Standard Cutting Units vs. Toro DPA Cutting Units

Standard cutting units are made of welded tubular steel with the roller, reel and bedknife all bolted on. This can cause several problems:

•   Tubular rear frame members twist on undulating turf. This pulls the bedknife out of alignment with the reel, accelerating uneven wear and dulling.

•   Bolted-on components create multiple adjustment points. If one component comes out of alignment, the others require adjustment as well. Even a small bump or drop can throw the whole cutting unit off.

•   To keep reels and rollers turning evenly and smoothly, competitors’ units require bearings to be greased frequently — which can leave damaging grease spots on turf.

Toro DPA cutting units have a rigid, non-flexing cutting frame and fewer movable components compared to the competition. This offers several major advantages:

•   Toro DPA units have an extremely rigid aluminum honeycomb die-cast rear cutting frame with over 30 percent more torsional strength than welded tubular cutting frames. No twisting means fewer adjustments.

•   There are only two simple adjustments on Toro DPA units — one for the bedknife to reel, the other for the cutting height. The adjustment stays where you put it; no need to tighten the counter-nut like on competitive units.

•   The DPA bedknife maintains the proper position, angle and distance behind the centerline of the reel for consistent aggressiveness of cut — even as the reels wear and change diameter.

•   The bedbar drops out easily for sharpening or replacing bedknives, making this job much easier.

•   Bearing housings are cast into the frame, holding the reel and rollers in parallel alignment. Tough sealed bearings are used throughout, so no greasing is ever required.

Don’t Settle for Less

Many technicians who reported making field height adjustment several times a day on standard welded cutters have reported that their Toro DPA cutting heads perform days — even weeks — without any field service.

However, not all DPA cutting units are created equal. Generic DPA cutting units aren’t made to Toro’s specifications, which can increase wear, affect the quality of cut and compromise the life of other mower components.

In addition, the harder reel and bedknife steel on Toro DPA units retains a sharp edge up to three times longer, minimizing the need for and frequency of adjustments. This ultimately promotes healthier, greener turf.

Get Toro DPA Cutting Units on the Reelmaster 5010 Series

DPA-equipped greensmowers from Toro stay sharper, cut truer and reduce maintenance. And Toro Reelmaster® 5010 Series fairway mowers are equipped with DPA cutting units.

The Reelmaster line features many new enhancements — built to rigorous customer requirements for superior quality of cut, operator comfort and excellent serviceability. Check it out here or at