Toro’s Groundsmaster® Contour™ Plus 4500-D and 4700-D contour rotary mowers deliver a championship-level quality of cut — along with significant time savings for your crew. It’s a win-win for players and operators alike.

Excellent Quality of Cut

Toro’s Contour Plus rotary mowers are ideal for rough and semi rough areas. They feature multiple floating cutting units that move independently, following the ground on rolling terrain. Air inlet pockets keep the grass standing tall for a clean cut on every blade, and an anti-scalp cup prevents cutting too close.

A larger overlap between the front and rear decks minimizes uncut strips of grass when cutting on side hills or making turns. Comparable mowers have a smaller overlap, leaving behind more unappealing, uncut strips of grass. In addition, heavy-duty rear rollers produce the picture-perfect striped look of a championship course.

“After mowing with the 4500-D for the first time, our members immediately noticed the huge difference in the condition of the rough and commented about how much better it was,” reports a superintendent from Wichita Falls Country Club in Wichita Falls, TX.

A certified golf course superintendent from Alto Lakes Golf and Country Club in Alto, NM, adds: “Most superintendents take pride in the condition of their greens. I take pride in the rough. With my two 4500s, we maintain the rough at 2 inches which provides the density needed to grab the ball and add a club to the next shot. No member rough here.”

Mow More Acres Per Hour

The 4500-D and 4700-D contour rotary mowers cover more acres per hour, giving your crew more time for other jobs.

These units offer up to 20% greater width of cut than other comparable mowers. At 109 in (9 ft) wide, the 4500-D mows up to 6.5 acres an hour. The 4700-D is 150 in (12.5 ft) wide, covering up to 8.9 acres an hour.* That can add up to huge gains in productivity.

“The wide cutting path allows us to mow faster. Faster cutting leads to more cuts per week – which keeps our roughs looking great!” explains an equipment manager from Richmond Country Club in Richmond, CA.

“Not only does this machine cut down the time it takes to mow our rough it also enhances the course aesthetically,” says a superintendent from Peninsula State Park Golf Course in Fish Creek, WI.

Both models are equipped with powerful Kubota® turbocharged diesel engines for the power and torque to get through thick, wet grass. Plus, full-time bi-directional four-wheel drive provides superior traction and handling. Both models also feature the innovative Smart Cool™ system that periodically reverses the cooling fan to blast chaff and debris from the air intake screens — so the engine stays cool and keeps running.

These models are packed with many more features that add up to a flawless cut with unbeatable productivity. Check them out and view the demos at — or see your Toro distributor for the widest selection of contour rotary mowers today.

Editorial note: This article features comments posted by golf course professionals on the new Toro Leaderboard website. Check out the site for more user comments on Toro golf products and see what they’re using on the courses nearest you.