What could you do with a utility vehicle that offers all-day comfort and can be configured in hundreds of different ways? You’ll have a chance to find out when Toro introduces the all-new Workman® GTX this spring.


Customers told us they wanted a compact utility vehicle with more power, more control and a better ride, and we designed the Workman GTX from the ground up based on their input. The result is one of the most versatile, practical and comfortable utility vehicles.

With more than 300 configuration options, this new grounds and turf crossover vehicle adapts to fit a wide range of tasks for maximum productivity. Need four seats for a full crew? No problem. Want a longer flatbed to move plywood or Sheetrock? You can add that, too. The Workman GTX is even equipped to accept a variety of front and rear attachments, leaving the bed open for hauling.

From working around campus to moving people and materials, the Workman GTX has the power and features to do the job right. Here’s a preview of what it has to offer:

Increased Power
Both the 429 cc gasoline and 48-volt A/C electric Workman GTX model deliver the same impressive power and performance. An excellent power-to-weight ratio boosts payload capacity to help crews get more done.


Improved Steering
An automotive-grade rack and pinion steering system provides more control with less steering effort, whether the vehicle is loaded or empty. This keeps operators in control at all times.

Exclusive Suspension and Braking Systems
Coil-over shocks on all four wheels deliver greater suspension travel and adjustability, resulting in a smoother ride and less operator fatigue. Hydraulic disk brakes also deliver reliable and constant stopping power with less pedal force than mechanical cable brakes.


Compact Size and Versatility
At 47 inches wide, the Workman GTX fits on cart paths, bridges and other narrow areas. You can also adapt the Workman GTX for many different jobs. Choose a two- or four-seat configuration with bench or bucket seats to transport more people while still having the capacity to transport tools and materials. Add a canopy (two or four seats) or cab (two seats only) and a 4- or 6-foot flatbed. Front and rear attachment points for garbage cans, hose reels, walk spreaders and more also help free up the bed for more hauling capacity.


Other options include a racking system for the bed to store tools and other materials up and out of the way, as well as an L-track system that lets you attach bungee cords, ropes or hooks to secure items in the bed.

Exceptional Durability
The Workman GTX has a rugged new look with a textured matte finish. Virtually unbreakable composite exterior components and a powder-coated frame and underbody add rugged durability — so you can run the GTX hard day after day.



The dashboard features a USB port for an iPad or cell phone, as well as a radio holder to assist with easy communications between team members.

Check out the new Workman GTX compact utility vehicle at www.toro.com/gtx or ask your local Toro distributor for more details.