Now there’s a new tool that allows you to groom your greens for the best playing conditions. With Toro’s all-new universal groomer line, you have more options to adapt to course conditions and get the results golfers demand.

Two Drive Modes in One Product
Toro’s new line of universal bi-directional groomers offers two drive modes (plus neutral) in one device. Simply turn the selector knob to choose forward drive, counter-rotating drive or neutral.


Control to Groom Where It’s Needed
Have an area you don’t want to groom or brush? You have the control to groom only specific areas or during a specific time of year. For example, you may want to turn it off on the cleanup cut, or if the green is under stress when heat and humidity are high.


Quick Implement Changeout
With the new Toro® universal groomer line, it’s a snap to change out accessories by simply removing a flange and exchanging the implement. Switching from a groomer to a brush is quick and simple, so you can tailor your management practices to the course conditions and season.

Universal Fit
The new Toro groomers are standardized to fit the Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) greens mower cutting units, as well as 5- and 7-inch (12.7 and 17.8 cm) diameter Reelmaster® DPA cutting units. This simplifies the task for technicians because they only have to maintain one groomer. The symmetrical design also accommodates either left- or right-hand drive.

The all-new universal bi-directional groomer line is now available for delivery, and all basic groomer attachments for both greens and fairways are still available with this new product. For complete details, ask your local Toro distributor or visit