A well-manicured tee box is a sign of great things to come for any golfer — and it all starts with a level playing surface. The precise grading of the Field Pro® 6040 with the mid-mounted MultiTool™ Box Grader makes it easy for courses to renovate or build new tee boxes with a smooth surface before seeding or sodding.

Compared to traditional grading equipment, the Field Pro 6040 is lighter, more maneuverable and operator-friendly, so crews can grade tight tee boxes or repair cart paths with high accuracy without inadvertently causing peripheral damage to the course.


The key to the Field Pro 6040’s success is the mid-mounted MultiTool with sturdy heavy-gauge steel construction with functionality that provides consistent results. The hydraulically controlled depth and angle adjustments provide precise ground engagement for each stage of the renovation from initial engagement to final grooming.

The integrated MultiTool Box Blade is nearly 6′ (182 cm) wide for efficient and accurate grading, smoothing out ruts or uneven surfaces for a consistent finish. Made from high-strength steel, the blade is built for years of dependable service. Box Blade Extensions are optionally available for expanding grading width to nearly 8′ (284 cm).

Laser Focused

When outfitted with the Laser Grading Kit, the MultiTool’s micro-actuated box blade brings tournament-worthy tee boxes to any course. Designed for precise grading to ⅛” (3 mm) increments, the laser receiver continually actuates the box blade to the desired grade, ensuring a consistent and smooth surface with the proper slope profile for both drainage and play. Combined with a rigid frame and commercial-grade hydraulics, the laser leveling system enables operators with any level of experience to achieve professional results.

Path to Success

The Field Pro 6040 can also repair or rebuild uneven or worn cart paths, guaranteeing players an enjoyable experience from tee to green. When fitted with the Box Blade Attachment Holder, the MultiTool can incorporate several additional tools, including a Field Edger for crisp edging along cart paths. An optional Planer Blade Kit eliminates pesky weeds at the root.

Versatility of Attachments

As an extension of the Sand Pro® family, most Sand Pro attachments, select Toro Bullseye™ attachments, and many third-party attachments are compatible with the mid-mount and rear-mount Quick Attach System™ (QAS). QAS allows you to change attachments in seconds without tools. This allows the operator to utilize a full range of attachments to create the desired results.

Only from Toro

Toro understands the demands of operating a successful golf course. The Field Pro 6040 offers unrivaled efficiency and versatility to create a satisfying experience for players from the moment they step on the first tee. Contact your local Toro distributor for more information or check out our product sell sheet.