Chemicals help keep your turf in good playing condition, but they’re also a major expense. So how can you trim those costs without giving up the results you want? The answer is GPS technology. And now you can add it to any Multi Pro® 5800 sprayer, thanks to Toro’s new GeoLink™ system.

Toro’s GeoLink system uses GPS satellites, mapping software and individual spray nozzle control to treat greens and fairways with precision. You get consistent, accurate application — which means better coverage with less waste. It all translates to bottom-line savings that boost your course’s Turfonomics.


Top Line Thinking

You apply chemicals to your course for a reason. It’s a necessary part of your program to keep the turf looking and playing its best for your customers. The GeoLink GPS spraying system ensures you apply exactly what you need, where you need it — no worries about overspraying, underspraying or damaging sensitive turf.


The GeoLink system is also equipped with single nozzle control, so it can turn off individual nozzles if it senses any portion of the area has already been treated on a previous pass.

Bottom Line Thinking

Accuracy leads to efficiency, and that impacts your bottom line. The GeoLink system is available with an advanced Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction configuration, which delivers precision to within a centimeter. This configuration also saves time, since operators only need to define the target area once — not every time they spray.


Another advantage is that GeoLink is based on turf applications, not agriculture or farming. It’s designed specifically for the way golf courses need to use it, with unique features like multiple inclusion zones. This allows operators to select all 18 greens and define them as a one job. Then when that job is selected, GeoLink will tell the operator the total area and how much chemical to mix.


In addition, GeoLink includes a convenient automated reporting feature. Just plug a flash drive into the USB port on the side of the monitor and you can download data such as coverage, how long it took and how much chemical you used. Courses can also share information between sprayers if they have multiple GeoLink systems. And the system can be transferred (along with all application history) to another sprayer.


Real World Thinking

Of course, even with these benefits, you need to look at whether a GPS spraying solution is worth the investment. In preliminary trials, test groups using the GeoLink system were able to slash their chemical usage by a double-digit percentage (actual results may vary). For courses with a significant chemical budget, the savings could pay for the system quickly.MP_GPS_Story_Images_500x333-2


The GeoLink system is available in two configurations — the advanced RTK configuration mentioned above and a basic Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) configuration. Both are backed by support through the Toro National Support Network (NSN).

For more information about GeoLink features and compatibility with your Toro® Multi Pro 5800 sprayer, contact your local Toro distributor.