New Turf Sprayer Raises the Bar

New for 2011, the 300-gallon Multi Pro® 5800 turf sprayer delivers the enhancements customers asked for — along with accuracy and performance that’s second to none. We asked Toro’s development team to give us a first look at the new design.

Q: The Multi Pro 5800 was driven heavily by customer input. Tell us about that.

A: Our goal was to deliver the best-performing sprayer on the market, so it only made sense to ask customers for their feedback. We’ve spent the last few years gathering customer input and working with the latest sprayer technology to take this product to the next level.

Q: What’s the biggest enhancement you’ve made with this model?

A: The new spray system is extremely accurate. We’ve enhanced virtually every aspect of the spray system and optimized the design at each component for better agitation and faster response times. For the customer, that means chemical is applied consistently at the right rate from start to finish — which ultimately saves money and makes the treatment more effective.

Q: Any improvements for high-volume spraying?

A: There’s a totally new plumbing system with a six-diaphragm pump that doubles the available flow for the heavy-volume demands of spraying high rates. The new spray tank also has side-mounted agitation nozzles, which “roll” the tank contents to suspend wettable powders and water-soluble granules. It’s a more efficient way to maximize spray-out and material utilization, which adds up to chemical cost savings.

Q: What accessories are available for this new model?

A: Multi Pro 5800 customers should check out these optional accessories:

•     Pro Control XP console software has been updated to automatically and instantaneously achieve the desired rate.

•     The CleanLoad™* Chemical Eductor is a side-mounted feature that lowers to a convenient height for operators to more easily and safely load granular, powdered or liquid products into the main spray tank. It also has built-in rinse nozzles to clean the inside of the Eductor and chemical jugs.

•     The 30-gallon fresh water rinse tank kit nests at the rear of the main tank and includes its own electric pump, plumbing and rinse nozzles. At 10 gallons per cycle, it has enough fresh water on board to rinse the main chemical tank the requisite three times. This time-saving feature allows the operator to complete a triple rinse/spray-out cycle without returning to the water source.

•     The new Drift Reduction Boom Shroud minimizes chemical drift in breezy conditions. It can also be retrofitted to an existing Toro Multi Pro or Workman sprayer with a truss-style boom.

•     A new fully enclosed cab with air conditioning or a sunshade with windshield are available to keep the operator comfortable.

• Toro plans to offer an expanded line of spray nozzles, including the popular air induction nozzles.

Q: Anything else we should point out?

A: The Toro Company really appreciates the many customers who have guided our development efforts at every step in the product development process. These customers consistently expressed the need for improved reliability, increased performance and superior accuracy — and the Multi Pro 5800 is designed to deliver on what we heard! Toro thanks them and we’re confident that future owners of the MultiPro 5800 will also come to appreciate their valuable feedback.

*CleanLoad is a registered trademark of Hypro.